Inside The Lost Tunnels Under Brooklyn Heights

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  • Tahoe
  • cleanideas

    Sure does bring back some memories. I used to buy food in that commissary. So glad to be out though, much better memories being made now, and I can afford to shop at a normal grocery store!

  • LV101
    Tahoe - thank you for sharing the video -- amazing. Do visitors get tours of the tunnels?
  • smiddy3

    Did they stock top shelf Whiskey in the commissary back then ?

  • Tahoe

    This is the first I heard of these tunnels.

  • Diogenesister

    I’ve never been to Bethel New York but it sort of gave me the heebies because I have lived in institutions ( hospitals mainly) and it gave me that institutionalised feeling.

    Who built those tunnels? Were they already there? Or did the Bible students build them, what?

  • zophar

    The article references the Squibb family. To my knowledge, the Squibb family were not JW but owned Squibb Pharmaceuticals. Years after that building and tunnel were built the property was purchased by JW’s.

    I don't remember the tunnels being a secret at all. When I toured Brooklyn Bethel in the 70’s, they were part of the tour that 1000’s took each year.

    Kind of a strange story to write about. There are plenty of other things you could find to write about that ARE newsworthy.

  • pepperheart

    I wonder what they did with the tunnels when they sold the buildings

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Wow....that was a blast from the past from my Bethel days. The Commissary was kind of a nice amenity for us to have. There was also a few washers and dryers down there that were available for us to use if we got tired of having everything shrunk by the Bethel laundry.

  • blondie

    Visitors to Brooklyn Bethel were not to wander around the tunnels without another Bethelite with them. But I just put on the Bethel sister's ID badge and went down and bought food there for her and her husband, picked up their dry cleaning. Except except for also being a female about the same age, nobody noticed. After all there were thousands of jws at Brooklyn, a sea of unknown faces.

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