What's next?

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  • pepperheart
    this year they have got 16 page magazines that can be given out in a years time so that will go an 8 page magazine and then a single page tract
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Oh, that reminds me.

    In addition,, they are probably on fast track to do away with printing. And bring on the electronic age for the meetings. Tablets, Ipads and the like.

    I say within half a decade there will no longer be any printed material. Anybody without an electronic device will probably be evil-eyed.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It is possible they may add a 4th yearly 'local assembly day', similar to these streamed 'branch meetings' they've been promoting in the developed world the last year or two.

    This makes sense. As you know, the Cir Assms have a built in definite donation factor. The Circuit is mandated to pay $XXXX.xx for the use of the Assm Hall facilities. If the required "donations" does not come in voluntarily, they send out bills to the Cong in the Circuit to collect the balance of the funds, based on a cost per publisher basis. They can't lose. Donations my dry up in the Congs, but for Cir Assms they are automatic.

    I could see this happening on a Cong basis. A big talk on "equalizing" and saying each Cong should contribute $XX.xx per publisher per month. Some won't donate. Some can't donate. Others will be pressured to pick up the slack -- esp elders and MS.


  • stuckinarut2

    Anything can be implemented...no matter how "strange or unusual from a human standpoint" , if done slowwwwly enough...

    It is like the well used illustration of a frog in hot water: if the water is heated up ever so slowly, then it never realises it is being boiled alive until it's too late!

    Same with the mass of strange changes....they are being rolled out so that the average witness doesn't recognise it as strange, and just accepts it.......

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    A nightly world news program on JW broadcasting. I think it's just a matter of time. Also, I think they're going to eventually stop printing one magazine each month and switch to printing a 32-page quarterly (once every 3 months). That way they can further reduce their printing costs while producing a product that looks more respectable and substantive.

  • no-zombie
    Going by past behaviour, the Governing Body will continue to work in a re-active manner as opposed to the problem solving pro-active path that is needed to stop the rot that is fast eating grass roots support. Deluded and totally isolated from the real world of the average publisher, I expect the Governing Body to continue tinkering at the edges theologically while adding just a bit more "bling" to keep the drugged masses happy. But the problem of going down the road of being "new-and-improve" is that past changes quickly go stale and the Brotherhood, like drug adicts, will requiring biger and bigger hits to keep the hype of Jehovah's blessing rolling along. Unfortunatley, there is no happy ending for the Governing Body. Unlike Damocles who had only one sword over his head, the Governing Body has many and sooner or latter one of those threads will snap bringing catostroic changes to system of worship long time witnesses have always known.
  • freddo

    They won't outright tithe but the CO enforcer will bully the elders - after looking at the accounts - to "resolve" to raise their contributions.

    CO "Well brothers what was the result of your "review" of donations this year hmmmmm?" I see you have $5000 bucks in the bank.

    Elder 1 (wants a part on the assembly) I think we should raise it.

    Elder 2 (wants a part on the assembly too) And me! They've (the flock) all got two cars and can afford a holiday so ...

    Elders 3 to 6 (Nodding)

    Elders 7 and 8 (Snore zzzzzzzzz)

    And a resolution will be read raising the contributions.

  • karter

    Do away with 1914.

    I can see this coming.


  • Bugbear

    Everyting in the org. is downsizing. Why not the GB? I think that the "younger" of the GB will take over, and there will be only 2-3 left . This could be done in a coup or by "natural" retirement.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Re 1914

    I used to think they would ditch 1914 because it has no Biblical support but it looks like they are sticking with it and promoting it as if it were a fact. As we have been reliably informed “There is more evidence for God’s Kingdom arriving in 1914 than there is for gravity”. But it has to be remembered that this truly wonderful faith-building statement comes from people whose feet do not reach down to the ground. (Gravity for goodness sake has VISIBLE evidence you deceiving bunch of dim-wits!) What they are saying is you must have faith in the GB’s doctrine on 1914.

    The organisation's problem with 1914, even though patently false, is that it is promoted as their divine stamp of approval for insight into Bible prophecy. Forget that it was meant to take place in 1874 and was based on the writings of their discredited founder Russell who in turn had borrowed the ideas from yet earlier evangelists. Even though there is no tangible evidence that Jesus returned in 1914 and that the Bible texts purporting to foretell the event lead to a different date, yet the credit for Russell’s (erroneous) insight is their only prophetic ‘success’.

    If you run a doomsday cult: you gotta hang onto any semblance of divine attention. What else can their authority be conjured from? There is none...

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