Is Knowing/Using The Name Of God Important?

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    YHWH was the Thunder God/Cloud Rider.

    In the puke-worthy RC video about the Assyrians, the Assyrian King is defeated by "Jehovah", a grammatically impossible name that was never spoken in the ancient world.

    The King looks to the sky and wonders who defeated him? Hilariously, thunder rolls through the sky. He shouts, "Jehovah!!!!" LOL!!!!

    It's all stupid. There is no all-powerful "God", save the possibility of a Universal Consciousness. I would sooner believe the ancient Sumerian writings than the Council of Nicea.


  • Diogenesister
    Terry The idea of "giving" to God is perhaps the most peculiar of all human ideas. God needs nothing and can make no use of something burned on an altar. The fable spinners, however, like to assure us God's nostrils can be pleased by the aroma of burnt oxen. The Physics of molecules and the distance from Earth to Heaven was much more (ignorant) simple in the old days.

    The whole concept of blood sacrifice , the " sweet savour"(why do I always hear that expression in a Jamaican accent) is more revolting than the " shoot" that the ancient Jews found so terrible. At least a penis is harmless.


    Is Knowing/Using The Name Of God Important?

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  • sparrowdown

    No, I don't think it matters. If it was so important then why didn't Jesus pronounce it for everyone?

    WT's obsession with the name and insistence on their preferred pronunciation is distraction to say the least. They claim it's use is mandatory for salvation and it has become a talisman, a lucky charm word for JWs.

    Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Why does WT insist on this pronunciation?

    Sure it distinguishes WT from other religions, but doesn't that just make Jehovah a gimmick, a sales hook for the purpose of brand differentiation.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS used Jehovah to make a point about Jesus not being god the almighty as most of Christendom professes.

    Yet Jehovah was derived from a Latinzed translation centuries ago by Christendom/Catholicism..

  • sparrowdown

    Yeah, that's what WT would want people to believe - that it's all about Jehovah being God and Jesus being the Son and maybe it started out that way, maybe there were sincere reasons in the beginning (generous applying of the benefit of the doubt there) but, it is a brandname for WT. A brandname pure and simple.

  • Crazyguy

    I believe early Christians were making Jesus the new God. He was exalted and became the alpha and omega. Many Gods in other pantheons were lesser gods then promoted to top spot. Other gods once they assumed the top spot also took on the attributes of the gods they replaced. Horus got RAs power when his mother tricked RA. Marduk just took the power and absorbed the other gods so to speak. Zeus was another good example.

    In the Canaanite pantheon El was the top God but Baal took over. Thier is ample evidence that Jesus was a mix of Serapis, Baal, Zeus , Horus and others. I think this was done as a way of attracting the masses of pagans in the empire to one God.

    We can also see evidence of this in the Jewish God. He takes on the attributes and writings about him were also taken from writings about other gods. Marduk , Ashur, RA etc. in fact the Bulla that was discovered and shown to the world last year, Hezekias bulla had a symbol of RA on it. RA was the top God of the Egyptians and Hezekia was an ally of Egypt. So this evidence proves that the Jews were not monotheistic and the top God they worship wasn't always jehovah.

  • baker

    One good example I read was that of a Democrat that worshiped Obama because he knew his name. So he went to the White House and knocked on the front door and announced that he knew Obama cause he used his name all the time. However, they didn't let him in because Obama didn't know him...

  • Vanderhoven7

    Amen. We glorify His name by worshiping Him in spirit and in truth, not by knowing and/or repeating a name.

  • sporece

    If it was extremely important, life and death important it would have been used by Jesus and the apostles.

    Jesus never used it, called him Father.

    JW use his name every other second and that's not what we see in the Greek Scriptures.

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