Did Being A Witness Screw You Up THAT Much???

by minimus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • ikhandi

    It did nothing but warp my thinking.

  • GentlyFeral

    Finanically -- hell yes! My retirement fund is going to be worth about a quarter of it would be if I had taken the normal "worldly" path of getting a complete education and starting a career in my twenties.

    Otherwise? Recovering nicely and getting stranger by the minute. Learning to practice subversion in service to the golden rule, big time.

    gently feral



    Lotsa people seem to think they are "damaged" for life, after dubdom..... I don't buy into that. I figure my life is all about choices. I choose not to stay "stuck" ..."just outside" of dubdom.

    I'm choosing joy and happiness for myself. I did whatever it took to "fix" my life, after being raised a dub....including therapy, deprogramming courses and re-programming of my spiritual belief system. I'm having waaaaaaay toooooo much fun now to think I'm a screw-up and I'm wrecked for life!!! hehehe!!! My beliefs are working for me now!


  • searchfothetruth

    It made me extremely cynical...as you can probably tell.

    It comes as a shock when everything you have believed and told other people turns out to be wrong.

    I find it hard to trust anyone and even harder to trust information without looking for an alternative.

    It definately screwed me up...in the head.

  • lv4fer

    I wouldn't say it screwed up my life. I did make choices like not going to college because of it. I'm 39 now, not too late to go back to school but at this point in my life I have a job and can't afford to quit and go back to school. I hope it's not too late for my kids. It did have a negative impact on my husband's life. Especially as far as education goes. He is a Truck Driver and he hates it but he isn't educated enough to do much of anything else we have bills so he can't go back to school. On the other hand I hope my experience can help others who want to leave to get out and possibly prevent people from getting sucked in.

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