Sophie gives even more than ice cream money to the WT

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    Be Generous Toward Jehovah

    The indoctrination starts so young. It is not Jehovah, it is a corporation they are giving their money to. No wonder JW adults cannot distinguish the difference between leaving the religion and leaving Jehovah.

  • Alive!

    I'm at peace that I no longer support these 'leaders' - to do so would mean that I'm OK with children and vulnerable people being taught to be obedient in all things to those who are approved through appointment, as in Elders, COs, DOs and the horrible, dishonest and manipulative writing department.

    My husband and I saw behind the curtain years and years ago, but allowed for 'imperfection' as we allowed ourselves to be lulled into the arms of what seemed to be a Christian movement, a brotherhood.

    We'd get 'flashes' of feeling disturbed, but made allowances.

    The show is over for good - the true colours of cheap commercialisation have bled out over the 'clean image' - the ARC, the 'face' of the leaders, lacking candour, dodging questions.

    I hope they read here and absolutely 'get' what damage they are doing and what damage they have done.

    Their people lie for them, their 'trained' Christians are not set free by truth - but are entrapped in a bubble of fear and pretence.

    I've seen it, heard it.

    This latest offering for children has enraged me. Thank God I have no children in this vile mess that masquerades as 'the truth'.

  • wallsofjericho

    I think these types of ads are more to guilt the parents into donating than to teach the kids. Kids don't have money, parents do and the BOrg wants that money NOW

    After all parents need to lead by example, and if "I'm teaching my kids to give to jehovah how much more so should I be willing to give?"

    Very typical of BOrg

  • Hadriel

    This is the crap we indoctrinated our own children with. When we woke even as teenagers we with the aid of similar propaganda we had done such a good job we nearly failed at waking them too.

    I'll hand it to the WT they know how to manipulate people's minds. They're masters at ti. In many cases cold hard fact isn't enough when even right in front of their eyes to wake some.

  • Vidiot
    What wallsofjericho said.
  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW. As I have stated on this forum many times I am one of the adult leaders of one of the Masonic youth groups. We teach our youth about charity work. The major fund raiser is HIKE which is short for Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment. Each year these youth will organize on their own with some adult assistance all types of fund raisers to raise money for this charity. Last year alone the state I am from these kids raised $25,000 for this charity.

    Who benefits from this charity? Any child who has hearing loss between the ages of 10 and 20 and applies for assistance, we ask no questions as to religious beliefs, race, etc only questions asked are medical need and financial need.

    As I said on another thread yesterday these videos and literature produced for the children by the WT "ARE" child abuse!!!

  • flipper

    Utterly disgusting. Thanks for posting this Orphan Crow. WT Society needs to be exposed for the abusive organization it is and the abusive WT leaders it has needs to be exposed.

    With statistics showing that about 66 % or 2/3rds of JW youth under 18 DO leave the JW organization- WT Society leaders are DESPERATE to try reaching minor children anyway they can. Stupid cartoons with mazes in them. Cartoons about ice cream , demonic play toys- you know " ordinary " stuff like that. And in the midst of it all trying to make children feel " odd " or like they are " missing out " if they don't join Sophie and give to " Jehovah " ( AKA WT Society ) their allowance money, or any money they have. It's like , " Screw your college education kids ! Let's realize our priorities in giving for " Kingdom interests " ( AKA WT Society interests ) so you'll have a " future " with " God's " organization . " Makes me want to vomit.

    The more all of us talk openly to non-JW's and expose this crap- the more people will slam the door in the faces of these mind controlled drones out in service. I hope the whole organization goes down in flames some day. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo
    Hey kids, everytime you buy an ice cream cone, another bethelite gets the ax!
  • dbq407

    This is just crazy "get her coin where it needs to go!"

    How could anyone think this is ok? Her coin does not "need" to go there, but the terminology they use is just crazy.

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