Which Org 'directives' did you blatantly ignore

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  • Finkelstein

    All of them, particularly the one which stated the GB men of the WTS. were to be obeyed without question and to be gratefully subservient toward those expressed directives.

    You see those men who ran the WTS/JWs built up the power around themselves for themselves , the god of the imagination had nothing to do with them.

  • zeb



    having 'worldly' friends as there is some really nice folks out there.

    preparing for my old age (its here folks)

    occupying myself with a creative hobby or two.

  • 2+2=5

    As it turns out, I believe the most significant directive I ignored was the "avoid independent thinking" mantra....

    Oh and another thing, my penis. I jerked that all the time, despite the directive.

  • Landy
    I vogued to Madonna in the 90s

    You disgust me. :(


  • Chook

    I let my kids join soccer team, but I should of done it for more years than I did.

  • smiddy

    Hedged my bets about my future ,took voluntary Superannuation at the start of my job in 1979 , the best decision I ever made.not knowing how long this system was going to last.....Ended up staying there 28 years with a sizeable payout on retiring in 2007 .

  • Chook

    I forgot the big one not reading apostate sites. It could be argued that Simon has gods blessings by securing &registering the site name Jehovah's Witness. com

  • scratchme1010


    You had sex at the memorial???? How did you manage that? Enquiring (aka nosey, not minding their own business,) minds want to know ...

    I prefer to keep the details out, but yes, I did it and it's possible (not encouraging people to do that, though)


    Scratchme being duplicitous is the only way a fiercely independent person can survive after being dragged into the 'tooth'. All the JW's want is to train young people and adults to live in a world that doesn't exist.

    Some born-in people assimilate and become good JWs. I didn't, I couldn't. Trust me, I tried. The one problem I had was that no matter how good of a JW I was, I was always looked at the brother "with that problem", not to mention that so many things never made sense to me. I can't say that i ever had good love or support from anyone in the congregation or my own family. That was another factor.


    Scratchme you are a savage lol #36 had my crying lol

    I'm actually working on writing my story. I believe there are things I can laugh at now, like that one, but to be honest, it didn't feel that great at the time. Now I celebrate it.


    "I vogued to Madonna in the 90s" You disgust me.

    Oh, cut me some slack! It was the 90s, it was a time of confusion We were still getting over the 80s fashion!

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