Super JW Cart

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  • JWdaughter
    Just take lots of literature(to the recycle center). Public service, keeping it out of t h e hands of unsuspecting innocents.
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    The problem i see with taking their books and binning it is they will see them as placements and be further encouraged to expand their cart witnessing. So you might end up with more carts in the area.
  • SecretSlaveClass


    You had me laughing with your suggestions. Thanks!

  • punkofnice

    I think we should get our own 'Aposta-trolly' full of books telling the truth about the watchtower corporation and stand next to the JWs. Give away free donuts or something too.

    A kind of before and after the cult thing.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Off topic, but I once had a dream, that a thousand of them. Maybe more. Who can count them in a dream? but they came from whenever, and where ever they liked. That was a bad dream

    The Rebel.

  • TheListener
    Whoever posted the idea of secretly putting other types of literature on the dub carts was the idea I liked. Anti-jw tracts on a jw cart would be funny.
  • jonza
    The more you take, the more $$$ it costs the borg.
  • punkofnice
    jonza2 minutes agoThe more you take, the more $$$ it costs the borg.
    I think the shame here is, it doesn't cost the WBT$ a single penny. the publishers pay the tab.
  • OverlappingGeneralizations
    If I was manning the cart that day, I'd be like "Hmm, so that's 24 magazines, 4 books, and one cart. What an encouraging day, eh brothers?"
  • purrpurr

    Got a couple of ideas: take all the literature, I mean keep doing it, every week be there as soon as they get there to set up and just scoop up the whole lot... And when they eventually try to start a bible study explain that you love their publications because they make such great cat litter liners!

    Or make up ways to spill stuff "accidentally" all over the cart and literature. Like coffee, or ketchup from a bottle, baby bottles full of milk squirted. Etc etc

    Or... Hit them at the source donate to the bored and cold jw's there some free coffee that you've brought them.... Just slip some high strength laxative into it first!!!

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