Russian gunman raised in JW family

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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    Drop it, please. The org isnt responsible for this shooting more than it is responsible for the success of a hardworking jw citizen in any part of the world.

  • Corney

    Some sources claim that Roslyakov's mother was (yes, in the past tense) a JW, another say she was or is a member of unnamed "sect" or just a very religious woman. On other hand, according to a member of a local Pentecostal church, she participated in events of that church. Taking into account all available information, I conclude that she almost certainly was a Witness (or "studied Bible" for relatively long time) and is probably still in the org.

    Anyway, NOBODY among the shooters' acquaintances claimed Roslyakov ever was a believer. According to one source, he called his mother's co-believers "fools who sing and dance". There were claims that he smoked, wanted to serve in a military, was saving money during three years to buy a gun etc.

    As to claims that Roslyakov was raised in austerity and strictness, was deprived of entertainment and controlled and even frisked by his mother etc. All such claims relate to his school years (pre-2015) and were refuted by one of his teachers and by some classmates. I think there is still too little information to conclude how Roslyakov was raised. All speculations about causes of that tragedy, especially such nonsense as of OP, are premature. There is still too little information, please wait for more details. Period.

  • waton

    If we go by local jw teenagers, none are remotely interested to think, talk about 1914, even the fabric of western societies too,

    Wt is discredited because of their wacky, false writings prophecies.That argument that exist to help people see the danger of following them, is lost, if errors, speculation are used here too.

    Let the Russians, Ukrainians do their work. They too are creative enough in generating their version of pravda. and

    condolences to the parents that saw their pride and joy gone.

  • smiddy3

    Where in a Watchtower publication is the 2014 date suggested? I would find this useful if it exists.

    I think its a case of reading between the lines vienne .

    1914 is a date that J.W.`s originally said was the end of this system of things / the world by the I.B.S.A. /C.T.Russell .

    And for decades they taught that the generation that that saw and understood the events of 1914 ,e.g. 10 year old`s would not die off when the end would come .

    { search back on my posts 3 witness`s rule , Bible based of how long a biblical generation lasted }

    Lets not forget the Watchtower that showed all of these elderly JW`s on their front cover that would not die before Armageddon arrived .

    Of course they all did.

    Then they implied that Armageddon would occur before the end of the twentieth century and that the faithful would enter into the new world.

    None of which has ever eventuated . And this is 2018 ?

    How many failed prophecy`s , expectation`s , beliefs ,doctrines ,of the one true God Jehovah and his one true organization of the G.B.of Jehovah`s witnesses take for them to realize that they have been had ?

    That it is all a scam ?

    A con ?

    What does it take for them to wake up ? And see they have been had all of their lives ?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Often people join the JW religion because they come from a dysfunctional family.

    It is the dream of paradise sold them courtesy of the Watchtower which gives the false hope for a better life. The youthful gunman may have decided to kill whether he had been exposed to JW ideas or not. Nevertheless, surely it is better to be nurtured in a caring family without experiencing JW style conditional love?

    I knew a hard line bro, son of the cong overseer who said back in the seventies that if Armageddon didn't arrive by 2000 he was going to leave the org. I wonder if he (or others like him) did?

    Isn't this the way JWs want to talk among themselves speculating on a date for Armageddon with thoughts such as "well at the very outside it must come by 2014"? Seeing a disaster coming down the pipeline the GB introduced their totally unconvincing overlapping theory preemptively in 2005. However the flock will still have been harbouring the popular consensus thought of "2014".

  • stillMS

    IMHO, the OP is flat out deluded. It's wrong from the very beginning - from the assertion that Russian media's story is anywhere close to the truth. The 'terrorist attack' in the Ukrainian city of Kerch (occupied by Russia since 2014) is no more 'terrorist' than the rest of terrorist attacks organized by FSB (ex-KGB) on a regular basis in Russia itself, and in other countries where they have interest in.

    In this particular case, Russian media blame those who they hate - namely, 99.9% Ukraine (as usual), and 0.1% JWs. Nothing new, nothing strange - people who knew what life in Russia is like have warned/'prophecied' about this since the very beginning of Russian invasion to Ukraine in 2014.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Take what the Russian government and press says with a grain of salt. This is the same people who are going around saying JW elders were found with AK-47's and bombs, because they have labeled the JW's a terrorist and extremist organization. Anything the Russians say is suspect at this point.

  • Bad_Wolf

    "The Creator’s promise of a peaceful and secure new world before the generation that saw the events of 1914 passes away."

  • OrphanCrow
    MadIrishman: This is the same people who are going around saying JW elders were found with AK-47's and bombs...

    On the pain of being labelled a Russian troll...*sigh*...

    Do you have a link for this?

    There was a Russian JW who was found with WW 2 souvenirs - two hand grenades and a land mine that were non operational.

    I have never heard of bombs and AK-47s.

    Are you using hyperbole and I am just not picking up on that?

    I am a big fan of accuracy

  • stillMS

    For the sake of accuracy, I've never heard exactly about AK-47 found with elders (I'd assume it's a hyperbole) - but it doesn't change the fact that it could 100% happen in future, and that Russian media is one big lie.

    I won't even describe the eyebrow-raising inconsistencies in the official version of what happened in Kerch - I'd just leave this short video here for those who can understand Russian:

    For those who don't - one of the main prime time Russian TV propaganda show featured a phone interview with a girl who had been already killed in that terrorist attack.

    p.s.: Several days later, to their credit, they found courage to admit (on Instagram) it was a mistake (after it was brought to light by the Internet community), and came up with couple versions of why 'it wasn't their fault' :)

    P. P. S: just look at the 'grieving' president of a country that has sacrificed lives of tens of thousands people to get control over Crimea (where Kerch is) the next day after the terrorist attack:

    He says "I'd like to wrap up the discussion, since I'd like to play hockey on my way to Uzbekistan"

    I guess there is nothing to add here...

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