Russian gunman raised in JW family

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  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    Hi, everyone. The link bellow is sort of OK. I could not find a decent article in English language about this, but Russian media is exploding. 2 days ago a teenager killed 19 people and injured dozens and committed suicide. He was raised in a JW family. Here are these news

    My opinion on this situation. Only an opinion! I think the Org should take some responsibility for this. As it was brainwashing people that the end will definitely come by 2014. This boy was raised in a poor family, with one disabled parent. I bet he could not wait for the Armageddon and the New World to come. But since the Org cancelled the Armageddon. I say cancelled, because that's what happened. The new explanation by the Org is pure deception, fabrication, fable and every other word connected with lies. So when this boy realised that his struggles won't end and that the Org is a scam and fraud he decided to take his life in a such a horrible way.

  • vienne

    Where in a Watchtower publication is the 2014 date suggested? I would find this useful if it exists.

  • sparrowdown

    Can't comment on the case but re mental health issues I remember when I was attending meetings a guy gave a talk and highlighted that some governments (of course he didn't say what governments mind) had deemed JW teachings as being detrimental to mental health and caused depression. He and the audience scoffed quite predictably but at the time I remember thinking it was true!

    There were definitely some people who could not handle being a JW psychologically or emotionally, I had witnessed it myself. Emotionally/psychologically fragile people tipped over the edge by the litany of unreachababe congregation expectations, gossip and the general small minded ignorance of disability and or mental health issues by the elders only compounded the problem.

    These people all left and at the time I thought good! Leaving, walking away was the most sensible thing they could do!

    Get out!

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    Vienne - Before 2014 the Org constantly wrote that people who were born in 1914 will definitely see Armageddon. Then Armageddon was cancelled and the new prophecy is proper nonsense - basically another lie.

    Sparrowdown - I fully agree. Yes, get out

  • vienne

    Alex, but where did they focus on the 2014 date? I understand previous WT 'generation' doctrine. I cannot find where they focused on 2014.

  • Finkelstein

    So when this boy realized that his struggles won't end and that

    the Org is a scam and fraud he decided to take his life in a such a horrible way.

    Are we not jumping to conclusions a little bit, maybe he had problems outside of the JWS religion that resulted in this murderous rampage.

    It would be easy to speculate that his involvement via the JWS may have influenced or added to his troubles though.

  • Aroq

    here is a link than mentions his mother's involvement with jws.

    Yes, Finkelstein, I agree. I do however believe that there is mental abuse among children raised this way, even if it is not directly stated he had problems within the org.

  • waton

    If the JW parenting of this Amock gunmen is true, 1914 or it's centennial is immaterial.

    Of course the overlapping generation takes jws, Armageddon to 2075, another centennial, and out of immediate reach of that teenager, but the connection would have to be proven.

    If true it would vindicate Russian claims and clamp down on jw extreme teachings, money grabs though.

  • sparrowdown

    Exactly what I thought waton, if he went all JW "postal" it hands the russian gov proof of extremism on a plate.

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    Vienne - It is simple the Org wrote that people born in 1914 will see Armageddon. They didn't write specifically 2014, but stating that 1914 is the starting point was giving people hope and the idea that Armageddon will definitely come before 2014.

    Finkelstein - As I wrote in the beginning. Its just an opinion. Anything is possible. We have to wait what will the investigation say, which usually takes a long time

    Aroq - thank you for the link

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