Beatles poster was "Demonized". We had to take it down. How about you?

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  • pale.emperor

    Lets see, what was i not allowed to have?:

    Star Wars - wasnt allowed to watch it because it had the word "Wars" in the title. So i never actually seen star wars until i was like 25yo.

    Three Men And A Baby - because, apparently, there was a demon hiding behind a curtain in one of the scenes.

    Crash Dummies - a toy collection i was really into, on day my mum interpreted a Watchtower as saying we shouldn't have them because they simulate death.

    Smurphs - never knew the reason why until i visited this forum. Apparently they're demonic.

    The Beatles - but only after 1966 because that's when they were druggies. Or so my mum said.

    Michael Jacksons Thriller - for obvious reasons

    Queen - Because Freddy Mercury was gay (but Elton John was ok, go figure).

    Led Zeppelin - Because Stairway To Heaven had satanic lyrics in reverse.

    The following symbols: Cross, pentagram, ying-yang

    Magicians on TV - including Tommy Cooper, Paul Daniels and especially Derren Brown. Even though Derren Brown openly says it's all a trick and the supernatural does not exist.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I remember an elder asked my wife to turn the the radio down, when born again Christian, Cliff Richard sang " Devil Woman" on the radio. ( I agreed with him but for musical preference) Anyway what I found ironic was the guitarist Hank Marvin is a J.W and at the time played the song live with Cliff all over the world.

  • punkofnice

    I wasn't allowed posters of any artist or band. It was considered idol worship.

    The Reb - Yes. I remember seeing 'brother Hank(tm)' on a Cliff birthday TV show. Make of it what you will.

  • Simon

    I remember a "list" going round our KH of unapproved music. It was like someone had just copied my record collection. I ignored it.

    The real irony is that the "clean" acts that had the squeaky clean image were often just as mired in drug addiction etc... as the more obvious rock acts were.

  • Onager

    No Dungeons and Dragons allowed in our house. I fought really hard for it as well, as I loved it as a kid. Eventually all my books had to be burnt. :(

  • WTWizard

    Anything that has the least little chance of doing the least little good spiritually is banned among the jokehovian witlesses. The third eye is real, and anything that prevents it from being open is dangerous. People don't use it because religions program them to believe that it is dangerous--that is how you view the astral. There are rituals in other religions--the cat lick church with putting the ash on the forehead--that try to close the third eye off.

    Now, why would you need that? You drink city water, you probably get enough fluoride to permanently destroy the third eye, so having one of those posters probably will do nothing. Not to mention, it is going to take a lot more than having a poster like that to open that third eye.

  • undercover

    Posters of worldly music stars on your True Christian household walls??? Wow, you had lenient parents. No posters on our godly home walls.

    I did manage to acquire a pretty good record collection, though it did go thru one purging after a particularly hard hitting circuit assembly part on 'debasing music'. After that I learned to keep records in nondescript sleeves (like KISS Alive! was in a Neil Diamond sleeve)

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Could not watch Star Trek because it was demonic. Still Totally ADD

  • BluesBrother

    I was luckier in that I had no such parental pressure and by the time that the ranting against heavy rock started I was old enough to be independant. As a young adult and well motivated Elder , I still decided to ignore the rants. I could see that it was just the opinions of men, largely picked up from fundy Christian sources. A bit of double-think on my part, I guess.

    In times of stress I found great comfort and relief in the music of Led Zep, Deep Purple, Guns n Roses et al. but sshhh. "Dont tell the other elders"

  • blondie

    I couldn't afford to buy posters....or albums....

    different money

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