Beatles poster was "Demonized". We had to take it down. How about you?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    In 1967 Richard Avedon published a poster of his portraits of the Beatles. (see below). My JW aunt attacked it for being spiritualistic! The "third" eye on George's palm was spiritualistic! We were inviting demons into the house! We should get rid of it now! My parents were just learning and my mom took it to heart. My dad was/is skeptical to this day. At 10 years old I didn't know what to think. I liked the poster though. How was if for you when it came to images that Uber dubs call "demonized"? What did they discourage you from having and enjoying?

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    So I'm a big fuckin nerd and love(d) Star Wars. In the early 90's, the new CO came into town and told my dad that Star Wars is demonic. My dad was trying to become an elder so he had to suck his dick and he made my brother and I get rid of all our Star Wars stuff. Toys, games, books, everything. Strangely enough when that CO left it was Ok to have that stuff again. Lol.

    my parents became JWs via a bible study. they had a really big record collection. complete discographies, original pressings, shit that would make a hipster drool. the person who studied with them was a hard-ass elder. he told them that all that music is wordly and evil and they had to get rid of it all. they did.

    looking back my parents are pretty fucking stupid and it explains all my issues today.

  • gerry

    I remember some time in the late 70's or 80's.. They had a convention part mentioning the spiritistic dangers of music.. They told us go home and look at your record covers if you see something suspicious destroy it..poor old Billy Joel got turfed because his eyes were spooky.. I am rather embarrassed to think I was so gullible..

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    Beatles poster was "Demonized".

    Same Old Watchtower Crap..

    Now Beatles Music,is Elevator Music..

    Watchtower is run by Morons..

  • joe134cd

    I've got a real star wars gem. I remember when return of the Jedi came out and I was discussing what a fantastic film it was with an elder. BIG MISTAKE!! I was bluntly told by this elder that his son wouldn't be going because it had the word "War" in it. I still remember how embarrassed I was. Looking back I should of told him where to shove it.

  • joe134cd

    Just be thankful that JW aunt didn't see PRINCE!! and he got a KH funeral.

  • smiddy

    My young teenage son was into Kiss records ,what did I do ? I got rid of them and banned anything" Kiss" in the house

    I`m also embarrassed to admit it now that I turned off the movie "Life Of Brian" after a few minutes because I thought it mocked Jehovah and the "truth" religion.

    The Life Of Brian is now one of my favourite movies , such classic lines in it.


    He-Man was bad. Skulls were bad. Boobs were bad. Butts were bad. Guns were bad. Swords were bad. Smurfs were bad. Aliens were bad.

    Let's review: IT'S A CULT!!!!


  • freddo

    So when my aunt told my cousin that his new Rolling Stones album cover wasn't allowed in the house she probably had a point ...

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  • tiki

    That eye sat on the cover of the wt for years.

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