The "overly attached witness parents" problem

by scaredtospeak 12 Replies latest social family

  • stuckinarut2

    Live with dignity, and be decisive in making your own life.

    As oubliette said above, you need to live for yourself. That doesn't mean you need to be rude or dismissive of your parents. But it does mean that you should live your own life. And if they are normal healthy people, they would be proud of your decisiveness and encourage you to be your own person.

  • clarity

    I agree with Stuck ...... continue to need to burn all your bridges.

    Understand that as a JW your thinking tends to be black & white! A move does not signal THE END. It is really a beginning. All the best to you.


  • dbq407
    It might be the best move for you. The new place you are going, people won't know you are a witness, and the place you are leaving, people may still think you are a witness and still talk to you when you come back to visit. Won't have to worry about any of the local jw's who know you catching you out with your boyfriend without a chaperone or going into an r rated movie.

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