The Dub At My Door (is back for Return Visit)

by TerryWalstrom 31 Replies latest jw experiences

  • freddo

    Great! What are the three traps Terry?

  • TerryWalstrom

    If I need to change the subject and put them on a different brain wave, I've got some lead-ins.

    1. "Let me ask you what I think is an interesting question. If you were absolutely certain God was talking to you and he told you to kill one of your family members...would you obey? and Why or why not?"
    (This is to set up a dynamic in which the Governing Body can be seen to be people who equivalently "hear God telling them something" and proceed merely on their faith it is Jehovah. IF THE ANSWER IS "no" (which a sane person would have to give) it also means the GB's predictions and changes of doctrine would reflect the "voices in their head" rather than ACTUAL directions from Jehovah.

    2, "Are the religious scholars among Jehovah's Witnesses affiliated with a particular seminary or is it all homebrew?"
    I can insert these PRRI poll results:

    3. "Going door to door, as you do, you probably run into problems with women asking about the problems your church is having with child molesters. Right? "
    (Cite PRRI Poll: Women are about twice as likely as men to cite the clergy sexual-abuse scandal as an important reason they left their childhood faith (26% vs. 13%, respectively).

    Note Pivot to Australian Commission Findings "Have you followed those hearings?"

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