River flowing from the garden of Eden

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  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Hey there.

    If this point has been covered before please forgive me.

    I have had the principles of Noahs flood used by JW's to encourage me to attend meetings recently and this has got me musing about the flood....again.

    Genesis states that a river flowed from Eden and branched out into four rivers, two of which being the Tigris and the Euphrates.

    Heres the baffling part; If it had never rained before, how is it that rivers existed before the flood?!!?

    A brief google search tells us that the Euphrates begins its journey as snow melt and rain ( as most rivers do) in mountains in Turkey.

    Ecc chapter 1 mentions the water cycle and describes the rivers flowing into the sea but the sea not becoming full. How did it work pre-flood? Was there a constantly filling ocean?

    I had never thought about a river in Eden contradicting the rainless, pre-flood world before so I thought I would share it. Once again, sry if its been mentioned previously.

  • Crazyguy

    Very good point no snow no melt no river. I did a lot of research on the garden of eden and found that the original stories were about a place called Deliun. My spelling maybe incorrect but anyway this garden was actually area near Kuwait near the end of the rivers not the beginning.

  • waton
    pre-flood world jjj:

    If you look at pictures of excessive rain, it changes the landscape. If the 40 days Noachian rain flooded Mt everest, at the rate of 8 meters an hour, what would be left of a fertile plot like Eden? The Colorado river of Grand Canyon fame has reversed directions in it's life time. The rivers are older than the mountains, so:

    The bible is a story, the wt saga is a story about stories, Think outside that narrow envelope, a suggestion.

    added: maybe there was no rain where the first bible documents where written, but it rained,- snowed in many place.(think Glaciers covering Europe, North America.)

    of course, any Eden worth it's name would have hot springs,- right ? water coming up, not down.

  • ttdtt

    Yes just one of the 1000 + stupid religious contradiction in the bible.

    But NOWHERE in the bible - NOWHERE does it say It never rained before the flood. NOWHERE.

  • stillin

    Actually. Did anybody really say that it didn't rain at all before the flood?

  • waton

    Gen. 2:5,6: "-- God had not made it rain upon the ground -- but a mist would go up from the Earth and it watered the entire surface of the ground. 7: and God formed man --"

    Make no mistake about it, it was a mist, in case you missed it, Your word is truth: Up to the time of humans,~ 6000 years ago, no rain.

  • Crazyguy

    On another note 800,000 years of ice core samples from Antarctica would indicate that the Bibles completely wrong on this subject.

  • dubstepped

    Because God. That's the answer to anything nonsensical.

  • baker

    And how did a man stay alive inside a fish underwater for 3 days too?

  • steve2

    And how did a man stay alive inside a fish underwater for 3 days too?

    Simple, really: He stayed alive because it didn't rain in the fish's belly.

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