David Splane's 2020 Conventionl talk ....''Jehovah has to come first''

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    '' Has your desire to put Jehovah first been tested during this pandemic? You lost your job and you searched for another one. Finally, after a long search, you found one but it was a job that would require you to miss all your meetings and field service. What a temptation to take that job! You've been out of work for months. You felt helpless because a family member is supposed to provide for his family. It would take a lot of faith for you to refuse that job. Pray to Jehovah and then wait. Hold on a little longer to see what Jehovah would work out for you.''

    Here is Mr. Splane ( smug and out of touch ) telling Jehovah's Witness members who have lost their jobs during this pandemic to refuse any employment which would interfere with meetings and field service. Jehovah will/ can/might/should/ provide for you with future employment. He doesn't explain how Jehovah would help and provide for you.

    Mr. Splane fails to see that he has a roof over his head, food, medical care, auto, and insurance provided for him. Your problems are not his problems.

    Mr. Splane..if tomorrow you were kicked out from your cushy assignment, where would you go to pay all your expenses? Would you refuse employment? How would Jehovah provide for you? At your age Mr. Splane, the odds of you finding employment would be close to zero.

  • oppostate

    Can the GB'ers be so out of touch?

    That they don't realize how stupid their counsel sounds?

    I guess that's what they meant when they wrote about instructions that don't seem reasonable from a sane person's point of view.

    It's a Cult, yup, it is definitely a very unreasonable statement, but what can we expect from a Cult leader who has all his needs taken care of and doesn't have a clue what people in the real world go through just to make ends meet and survive.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Interesting how the GB leaders have been pressing for loyalty more so than anytime in the JWS history ???

    I guess they've realized the core JWS's doctrines (1914) were false but they still want to keep the organization ongoing for their own personal sustenance which involves money and power, they essentially have become kings of a worldwide Kingdom.

    In essence the GB heads they were always corrupt devious religious charlatans/ businessmen at the core of their endeavors.

  • Overrated

    Very self-serving that they want you to wait on Jeehober before or even taking a job that can provide for your family.

  • LongHairGal


    Absolutely sickening that the JW religion in the year 2020 is STILL going on with the hateful tirade against secular work..making it sound like ‘it’s no big deal’ if somebody is out of work.

    Meanwhile, he and others in headquarters there are not paying for any of their own expenses of food, clothing and shelter, etc. Is this being in touch with reality?

    I was knocked, shunned, hardly invited to gatherings back in the day because I had a full-time job that I refused to quit.. I cannot say it enough times that my life would have been ruined if I followed their advice. I was advised to quit my job with benefits; take up housecleaning (physical labor, no benefits - I hated it) and DO favors for the Users (which is what they tried to do with young women).

    Thankfully, I rejected this advice (coming from hypocritical older people COLLECTING THEIR PENSIONS, I might add). These older people in the congregation were IN the workforce with decent jobs with benefits but yet they were telling ME I should quit everything and pursue poverty. It was as though I should jump from a plane without a parachute.

    All those hypocritical older people have died after living a cushy life. The poverty being preached was certainly not for them, just some other unfortunate person! It makes me sick what I encountered back then. Again.. I wouldn’t not be Retired today if I had listened back then and this is a sobering thought.


    David Splane, born in 1944 started pioneering in September 1963. A graduate of the 42nd class of Gilead, he served as a missionary in Senegal, Africa, then for 19 years in the circuit work in Canada. He and his wife have been at Bethel in the United States since 1990, where Splane has worked in the Service and Writing departments. Since 1998, he had been a helper to the Writing Committee. Announcement for appointment to the Governing Body was made at the annual meeting on Saturday, October 2, 1999. (Watchtower 1/1/2000 page 29)

    Mr. David Splane has been at Bethel for the last 30 years where his health care is paid for, has free room and board, has 3 free meals per day, probably has an automobile with free insurance, no laundry, house duties, or house repairs.

    He wakes up each morning without a financial care in the world. His workload is to prepare convention talks like this one where the whole objective is to make members feel guilty about missing boring and repetitive meetings while the unemployed are trying to provide financially for their families!

  • waton

    for over 50 years D. S. has received payments made by the R&F

    In the US where he lives, most health care is linked to a job. Lose it when you are fired, regain it when you are hired. One treatment could bring on bankruptcy.

    for a family man to give that up for zoom non-meetings and letter writing in a wt organized setting?

    what a joyful thought. and,

    " worrying about details in doctrine will interfere with your worship! "

    really David? does the father not look for those that "worship in --truth"? not endless mistakes ?

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Meanwhile, he and others in headquarters there are not paying for any of their own expenses of food, clothing and shelter, etc. Is this being in touch with reality?

    Obviously not the GB men are deep in their delusion of being closer to Jehovah god than any other human being on the planet.

    With that comes apathy to the living experience for the rest of humanity.

    I guess when your that high up the mountain of spiritual righteousness $$$

    you fail to see the living conditions and perils of the people below you.

  • truth_b_known

    Meanwhile in the first century Christian congregation:

    "Brothers, I lost my job due to a plague affecting my land."

    "Fear not, brother. Go over to that Ministerial Servant. He will give you enough coin from the congregation coffers to purchase your needs for the week. Have you and your family a place to stay?"

    "No, brother! Our land owner had some centurions evict use from where we stayed."

    "Fear not, brother. You and your family will stay with my family. We have plenty of room."

    "Thank you brothers! May the Lord bless you all!"

    Meanwhile, at JW HQ circa 2020 AD:

    "Lost your job, brothers? Keep praying! Whatever you do, don't miss a meeting and keep donating so we have a comfy place to live at your expense."

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Trying to glorify the unemployed but faithful, so that sinful meeting-missing, paycheck-drawing fiscally responsible members will support them.

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