This Cult Should Be Called to Account

by berrygerry 16 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Oubliette

    That woman is completely out of control. What a manipulative bitch.

    The only decent part was when she said, "You just wanna' be free!"

    "Yes mom, that's right."

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    I know not everyone with a southern accent is an ignorant fool, but that mother definitely perpetuates that particular stereotype.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS exploits the ignorance of people and quite often turns then into abusive cruel aggressive monsters.

    This is accomplished by utilizing fear to get people to uphold the assertion that everything that comes out of the mouth of the WTS leaders or the words off the WTS's literature is the solemn honest truth.

  • Vidiot

    "You just wanna' be free!"

    I'm thinking that there's some deep and unspoken envy and resentment at that choice to be "free"...


    Know what's weird?

    Before I started my fade, "being free" was explicitly how I'd started to think of it... and I'd never even heard of the book 30 years a Watchtower Slave.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I know not everyone with a southern accent is an ignorant fool, but that mother definitely perpetuates that particular stereotype.

    I had the same thought.

  • cappytan

    Here are all the "sins" I've committed with my freedom since starting my fade:

    1. Vaping

    2. Occasional cussing

    3. Took one hit of pot (had a bad experience, so I'm not doing that again!)

    That's about it. And, actually, looking over that list, I was doing some of those things before.

    Just because you want freedom of choice doesn't mean you want to go out and have an orgy.

    I want the freedom to do what is right, not because someone tells me to or because I'll get an eternal reward, but because I decide for myself to do what is right with no strings attached.

  • flipper

    I could only bear to listen to 3 minutes of the 8 minute Sound Cloud ranting of this mother to her son. If you want to call her a " mother ". I'd call her a mother " something else " at this moment. I wanted to smash my computer screen with my coffee cup I was so mad. Just as I stated on another thread- there are some parents on this planet who should be sterilized and are bat shit crazy who should NEVER have been allowed to become parents.

    The sick, barbaric mind indoctrination of the WT Society that makes crazy people like this JW woman even CRAZIER than they already are- it is at the bottom of what makes JW parents controlling and abusing to their biological children. Children's minds are abused, their freedom of thinking is cut off - with threats of " I don't care about child protection services getting you . You can sit in juvenile hall for all I care. " And then on the other link the woman says she wishes she had aborted her son ? Wow. This is some criminal, heavy mind indoctrination of hate and evil that the WT Society gleefully indoctrinates into JW parents.

    Listening to this stuff makes me glad I escaped over 12 years ago to freedom of mind. And as Gerryberry states in the title of this thread the WT Society cult should be held accountable I feel for crimes against humanity. I hope this young man gets out of his mothers home and bolts for freedom. Just an awful situation for him to live with a sociopathic mother like that

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Our beloved child wanted out of the cult when an early teen.

    Suicidal tendencies and fierce rebellion against "The Truth" woke us up, and we said we love you and don't want you to hurt yourself. No longer forced to be a JW (never baptized), our kid turned into the sweetest, most non-judgmental, and obedient youngster on the block. Never mind what the elders thought of Mom's and Dad's position on saving their child.

    Thirty years later, our "youngster" is a good and generous person. We couldn't be prouder.


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