How Do You Think Election Votes Should Be Counted?

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  • minimus

    Do you think voters should be required to prove that they are legitimate?

  • titch

    Mr. Minimus: Do you mean, that their votes are legitimate, by proving that they are U.S. Citizens? You know. I thought that a person had to prove that they were a U.S. Citizen when they first registered to vote. At least, I remember that's what I had to do when I registered. As I recall, at the bottom of the Registration Form, there was a statement that I declared, under penalty of perjury, that I WAS a United States Citizen, and that I WAS 18 years of age or older. Now, how the State of California went about proving that, I don't know. But if need be, I do have a copy of my Birth Certificate, to prove to the authorities, that I was born in a city in Southern California, in 1954.

    Now, if that's what you meant, then, Yes, proof of casting a legitimate vote should be required.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


  • titch

    I'll add to my comment, That yes, the votes should be VERIFIED.

  • titch

    And, just being facetious here...Should we prove that we are legitimate human beings, and, not, as the Captcha system asks, that we are not a humanzee? You know, sometimes I think that I AM a humanzee, a hybrid human/chimpanzee. Oh, well....


  • minimus

    For sure proof that the dead are not voting is a start.

  • minimus

    And that a person is voting multiple times on one candidate

  • JWPrince

    Absolutely. There needs to be voter ID laws put in place.

  • WTWizard

    Without it, it becomes a matter of who has the most computer power to cast fake votes for whoever they want. And it will be whoever will sell the whole human race into slavery, eliminate the whole white race, and make a mess out of the other two major races and ruin the whole earth. And, since no one will be able to out-do the Establishment in casting fake votes, candidates will win on the platform of helping the reptilian race take the planet away from us.

    Is that better than having to prove you are lawfully voting?

  • OnTheWayOut

    As liberal as I am, I have no problem with ID requirements for voters. Just make it a priority to get everyone an ID.

    But all human beings are legitimate human beings.

    But there should be an absolute standard for voting instead of 50 states different standards.
    And that's just the tip of the iceberg. So many problems exist with gerrymandering and voter suppression and trying to remove "legitimate" votes. And that whole electoral college invented to compromise with slave states- that really needs to end and have a straight up popular vote for president.

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