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  • slimboyfat

    This is awful news. I knew your mum was unwell, but not very old. This is a complete shock. I am so sorry for your loss Annie.

  • vienne

    Mom was 41.

  • vienne

    Mom has three full sisters and a half sister, grandpa, five daughters including me, dad, more cousins, nephews and nieces than are easy to count. We've been flooded by phone calls and emails some from relatives I've never met. On the other hand some fairly nasty comments are appearing on an Italian pro-Witness site. I find this disturbing.

    Mom did not actively oppose Witnesses, though that isn't her religion. We have Witness relatives who have been a big part of our life. Two of my uncles by marriage are Elders, and they aren't like that. It makes me sad and angry that people who never knew mom, never read what she wrote, never attended one of her lectures or classes, can turn nasty.

  • slimboyfat

    I am so sorry Annie you have lost your mum at such a young age. That was younger even than I imagined. I don’t know if Watchtower history interests you at all. But even if it doesn’t it’s good to know your mum’s work is appreciated and made an impact. In particular a recent book by historian Zoe Knox acknowledged the contribution to the subject. I know many who will be hopeful about the next volume being published.

  • vienne

    M. James Penton praised mom and B's first book. It's in the biblio of his last edition. Mom was very pleased. A French writer whose name I cannot remember did the same in something he wrote. Things like this always pleased mom.

  • steve2

    Hello vienne, my sincere condolences. Your Mom will be sadly missed by members of this forum.

    Can I ask whether your Mom had wanted her account deleted? If she had not expressed that wish, have you thought about letting her account stand as a wonderful memorial to her knowledge, wisdom and compassion?

  • careful

    Annie, I add my sympathies as well. Rachael and I corresponded a few times, both on topics related to her research and her personal life. I do not know the details of her illness, but she seemed to have lived an active, full life. It may be hard now to appreciate this, but in the coming days you will more and more. It's part of those stages of grief. Best wishes in dealing with all this.

  • vienne

    Mom prepared a note book for when the inevitable happened. One of the pages asks that her emails, professional and private, come down, that after a period her personal blog be deleted, and she gave a list of accounts to delete. I took down her twitter account today. I suppose some accounts will stay up, and that's fine. She left the history blog some weeks ago because of stress. She was blog editor for some years. All her posts there will stay up.

    This is hard, but it's keeping my busy. A private memorial will be on Friday. Her one still living uncle has agreed to speak.

  • millie210

    Hi Annie,

    Your mom was amazing and I admired her greatly. I am very sorry for your loss.

  • smiddy3

    I`m sorry to hear this my sincerest condolences to you and your family

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