Circuit overseers wives.

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath i remember the title..circuit servants wives. But then i left 40+ years ago.

    Any recollections of those females that led such an unnatural existence?

    Those that i recall seemed such aloof creatures.

  • IWant2Leave

    Most that I met over 40+ years seemed sad and beaten down. Very few seemed happy and outgoing. Some acted as if they were afraid to speak. I found out in later years when the C.O.‘s wife would be AWOL for several visits, they were being treated for depression or substance abuse in a facility in Florida. One D.O. and his wife were hooked on pills and had to be removed (Simons was the name). One had gone home, was going to leave Circuit work, and got persuaded to come back.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Wow...what a sad life! When the C.O. would visit...I would wonder to myself..."How many times has Sister C.O. heard this guys talk?"

    For appearance sake...these women have to endure hearing the same midweek talks & then have to sit through the Sunday meetings & hear the same public & the same concluding talk again...week after week...month after month! What a drag life must be for these wives of COs!

  • waton

    They never had time, among the dominant females, to take full advantage of their husbands status. They probably could bring to his attention things happening, that the elders were not aware, of though. Being quiet types could spare the wives a lot of grief, because there is a lot of offence in many words

  • minimus

    Most of them had strong personalities. They were their husband’s ears.

  • DesirousOfChange

    We always referred to them as C-O-W’s.

    CO’s Wife

    Some really lived up to the name more than others

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    A special pio had been married to a bro who trained the COs. She was familiar with the life and since her husband had died was no longer having to trudge round the circuits.

    Whenever a CO and wife visited our cong, what she did was provide them with a private room in her home and left them alone. No talking nothing. She knew they needed to be quiet and that's what she did for them. She gave them a place to rest.

    She is a kind sister, hopelessly misguided. But kind. But not to me of course because I disagree with WT doctrine for sound scriptural reasons.

  • pistolpete

    She is a kind sister, hopelessly misguided. But kind.

    I met many jw ladies like that----------SAD!

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I seem to remember that they all had multiple eating disorders.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Or couldn't eat from aluminum pans or if the pan was covered with aluminum foil.

    Facepalm - Wikipedia

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