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  • Simon

    I thought I'd spend some time cleaning up the forum code and wanted to let you know about some of the recent changes and fixes:

    The avatars and in-post images used to use a separate imaging service which was convenient but didn't provide much control over caching which meant that each day you visited the site you were probably re-downloading those images again. As they are immutable they can be cached for a long time which saves bandwidth and speeds things up. There's also more server-side caching for them and they are usually optimized better now.

    The logout issue should be fixed so no more "Hotel California" jokes. It was shockingly stupid and annoying what the problem was - the code I called to clear the login cookie caused the login to re-initialize and add the cookie back (what the ... ?).

    More of the YouTube URL formats should be detected and converted into embedded video's.

    I've moved some of the server side pieces for backend processing to Go which runs much faster and has allowed me to delete large chunks of the Python codebase. That means the front-end is now lighter so even though it runs faster it's also consuming fewer resources which is nice.

    Also helping with performance are some extra layers to block the myriad of site attacks that happen from bots and idiots. Although they didn't have a huge impact because of the scalability of the cloud platform we use, blocking things sooner makes the site that little bit faster.

    Some of the UI 'jumped' a little while loading which would cause re-paints which slows down the page rendering slightly and looked a bit ugly, this should be less apparent now.

    The overall page weight should be reduced and some of the script loading improved. A fully progressive, mobile optimized site is still in the works that will be more "app like" and give almost instant-loading. Yeah - home-screen icon, fast startup, offline usage, push notifications and all that jazz too.

    That's all the main stuff. Lots of other changes but mostly technical or for Google's benefit / SEO.

    As always, let me know if anything isn't right or if you have any suggestions on improving the site.

  • cofty

    Thanks Simon. I only understood some of that! It is looking tidy.

    Top of my wish list would be the ability to link directly to a specific post.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    oy think the aanser loys in the soyl. oooo arrr.

  • KateWild

    Yes Malc, I agree, I would definitely support you in that xx

  • Simon
    Top of my wish list would be the ability to link directly to a specific post

    Yeah, that's probably long overdue. The link / redirect part is already there, it just needs a UI piece to provide the link to copy. I'll see what I can do ...

  • Simon

    OK, a bit rough'n'ready (but it was only 30 minutes)

    You might see a "Link" option under the posts. If you right-click it and copy the address (the wording will change depending on your browser) then that link should be to that post, regardless of what the person clicking on it has their topic page size set to.

    e.g. Here's a link to a comment that Cofty made in another topic.

    I'll look into making it into a click-to-copy-to-clipboard instead, probably just for modern browsers that provide the easy clipboard support (I'm not going to start loading Flash to support ye-olde-IE)

  • cofty

    Outstanding! Thank you

  • Finkelstein

    Thanks Simon your work and efforts are always appreciated.

  • stuckinarut2

    We really appreciate all the work you do on behalf of this great community!

  • Vidiot

    How come we can't change the color of the text anymore?

    (not complaining, just wondering)

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