New Zealand Royal Commission to go ahead!!

by Beth Sarim 6 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    In case you haven't already heard, the Mike and Kim youtube channel has broke the news. Kim does a brief video and she relates how the New Zealand Royal Commission will proceed in the ''negligence'' of protecting children.

  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    That is really good news. I have a question about the Australian Royal Commission. Watchtower will not apologize, will not pay the victims, there is not a class action law suit that I know of, so what is going on? If you don’t do anything and hold people accountable what is the point.

    I realize it woke up a lot of people and we saw the GB lie, but it just seems after all of that exposure and hard work there would be some kind of penalty.

  • zeb

    Many of the individuals revealed at the CARC have been referred onto Police Depts in the various states of Australia.

    Last I received from the Federal Government the Minister was engaging with the wt to 'try' (weak or what...) to get them to sign onto the National Redress Scheme.

    Not having been to a wt convention or meeting for some years now I cant glean the big picture but the local kh had a recent makeover and it is now wife (uber) happened to let slip they dont have any where near the attendees that they did. Yes FL it must have woken up a lot of people but with all despots there will be those who will remain devoted even as the final walls come crashing down.

    Corporate penalties? ...Confiscation of wt properties to pay compensations ? oh I wish ...

  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    Thanks for the info. I just want to see them go down so bad. They have done enough damage. I cannot even imagine being a witness in Australia. I can understand why their Halls are shrinking. Thanks again.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    '' I just want to see them go down so bad.''


    ''it must have woken up a lot of people but with all despots there will be those who will remain devoted even as the final walls come crashing down.''

    People who have devoted many decades to a cause to come crashing down. It is scary, scary stuff. I don't know, but the mindset of many dubs is along the line of ''we must obey everything the slave says'' believing 100% as gospel. That's what scares me. It's just the mindset is there.

    Yes. Cults end bad. It's the ones at the top, who will throw the peons under the bus in attempt to save their own skins. While the it's the people who have given so much believing they are making sacrifice.

    Should cults end bad, this is the unfortunate scenario. If there is no physical trauma onset from the WT crashing down, where I am concerned is the mental trauma and fall-out for the ones who have devoted their lives. It's scary stuff. Should the Borg even crumble some day, that is.

  • smiddy3

    Maybe I`m off base here but if their was to be a class action against the WTB&TS in Australia by the JW victims of Child Sexual Abuse ,surely Angus Stewart and his Law Firm that he is associated with would be the one to go to.

    That would be something I would like to see.?

  • blondie

    I want all organizations that hide abuse in their group and victimize the victims a second time. Abuse is bad regardless of the group or individual.

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