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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I just want to say something which the vast majority of JW's who are active, fading , hard-core, doubting or what have you who don't know about Malawi AND Mexico.

    I'm just ''over generalizing'' by saying the above, about most JW's who don't know about the Mexico/Malawi scandal. I strongly encourage any JW who is doubting or ''wondering'' about this ''organization'' to browse

    Just watched the John Cedars rebuttal of the 2018 Regional Convention the Sunday program. And, YES. Malawi, yes, Malawi was mentioned how the brothers remained loyal in refusing a political card refusing to acknowledge a single political party environment. Brothers and sisters and families were tortured, even killed and or raped for refusing a political card acknowledging a single political party system. When I heard the word ''Malawi'', my jaw hit the floor.

    Any lurkers out there, who may be having doubts or ''wondering'' about things. Crisis of Conscience is now available on A wonderful lady named Deborah Dykstra now has the copyright to the late Mr. Franz book.

    Also just browse the and under the headings look at ''scandal' and read about Mexico/Malawi, just draw-dropping a total 180 degree standard turn from the directive to the JW's in Mexico in contrast to Malawi.

    I just can't believe they brought up Malawi at the Convention, wow!!!!

  • humbled

    As l was waiting for the ax to fall after l sent the elders a letter, l read Crisis of Conscience. That piece of hypocrisy you mention was stunning. That the Malawi brothers and sisters endured all that you said while the GB gave the Mexican Witnesses an “out”.


    Every piece of teaching their WTBS sent out was to convince us of the non-negotiable integrity of the organization.

    Everything was absolute. Absolutely no blood -absolutely no birthdays -no holidays no association with unbelievers or churches -absolutely absolutely everything.

    But they were absolutely inconsistent about this. And people died and were raped and were tortured.

    Evil. Absolutely.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    The governing body is like a dirty old man who was molesting several children for several years and then when all those children turned him in at the same time with video proof on all cases, the old man turns and says, "It wasn't me. It aint me, it's my twin brother." And he doesn't sweat, his doesn't flinch, he doesn't turn red from embarrassment. He just stands there completely convinced he is telling the truth.

    Then he turns to all the children and says, "Come here. Give me a hug".

    The Watchtower is really like that. So yes, Malawi, no problem.

  • Da.Furious

    At the convention they were highlighting that any involvement in this world is not acceptable. There was a video about this brother who was asked to sign a petition to oppose something, and he refuses even though this resulted in losing his job.

    How many JWs are part of unions? I know a few who work for airlines and train companies who are in the unions for employment benefits.

  • Vidiot

    Didn't Ray Franz suspect that the discrepancy existed because the Org owned property in Mexico?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ''Didn't Ray Franz suspect that the discrepancy existed because the Org owned property in Mexico?''

    Yes. EXACTLY.

    The fact that the Borg owned property in Mexico the ''brothers'' couldn't officially participate in ''religious'' activities. Henceforth, if I correctly remember reading, they(brothers) couldn't use songbooks or bibles at conventions or some other activities in Mexico for a number of years. If I remember reading that correctly.

    Just goes to show that Christ CANNOT be involved in that organization. You have Mexican(brothers) bribing Mexican officials to obtain a political card. AND some elders even Circuit Overseers even had rankings(titles) within the military establishment. AND on the other side of the globe, you had (brothers) being beaten, homes burned down, women raped and beaten and people killed, for not obtaining a political card acknowledging a SINGLE political environment.

    Sure makes a person wonder how people could suffer such horrible atrocities while in a different country (brothers) only had to 'bribe' officials to appease them. This ALL OVER a discrepancy.

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