What is the CD in your collection that you've listened to the most?

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  • Aztec

    Oops forgot, Hippikon, anyone who likes Violent Femmes is cool with me! I listen to Viva Wisconsin pretty frequently because I like live albums. Dan, I am gonna bring a lot of music to Cinci this weekend. You need to catch up! :) ~Aztec

  • Makena1

    Keeping in mind that I am almost 48 years old, surprisingly (to me at least) the CD I have listened to the most since it came out is:

    Second place:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Greatest Hits

    Third - Marc Cohn burning the daze

  • Cowboy

    Has to be my most listened to of all time.

    A close second.

    I'm currently working on wearing out one of these.

  • DanTheMan


    I love that SRV collection too, especially his cover of "Tax Man".

  • searchfothetruth

    I've got some really sad cd's in my car but the most listened to are:

    Nickleback- silver side up

    Eminem- Eminem show

    Jethro Tull- crest of a knave

    Queen- Greatest hits

    Linkin' Park- Hybrid Theory

    def Leppard- Adrenalize

    Bruce Springstein- greatest Hits

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    I have a serious thing for the American Singer Song-writer, am a sucker for a great set of pipes, and my favorites reflect it.

    Dan Fogelberg:

    The Innocent Age, Captured Angel, Souvenirs, Netherlands, River of Souls....plus all 22 of his other CDs. The man is a genius. (his first new studio album in nearly 10 years comes out May 20th!)

    James Taylor:

    Mudslide Slim, Dad Loves his Work, New Moon Shine, and any of his other 20 plus albums. I could listen to him sing out of the telephone book.

    Billy Joel:

    I love the new "Essential" collection, but again, anything the man has put out in the last 30 years (with the exception of his more experimental "classical" works. I appreciate them, I think they're nicely composed and well performed, but nothing he's done has 'grabbed' me as of yet.

    Phil Vassar:

    His Self Titled first CD and his second: American Child. Piano based country singer-songwriter who has a phenomenal gift for a great turn of phrase and catchy tunes. He wrote many number one hits recorded by other country artists before securing his own record deal. His first two albums have been fabulous, and I look forward to more.

    Some others that are in heavy rotation in the car and at home: Indigo Girls-Rites of Passage (among others), the "Chicago" soundtrack, anything by Don Henley, Eagles Live double CD set, John Mayer's Room for Squares, Best of Bread, oh hell there are too many to list them all...

  • bittersweet

    Wolfy- I just love Evanessance too, the lead singer has a beautiful voice.

    JoannaD- you have great taste in music! I love Liz Phair too.( although I'm not sure which older album I like better, "Whip-smart" or " Exile in Guyville" ).

    I have certain artists that I can't stop listening too, like Garbage, Ben Folds Five, Beastie Boys, RemyZero, just to name a few.

    Albums that I can't live without? Well I have replaced ( twice each ) DefLeppards Greatest hits, and ABBA's Greatest hits when they stopped working from overuse. Oh yeah, and Phantom Of The Opera too.

  • wasasister

    I’ve just discovered yet another way to burn up my hard-earned meager income: Digital surround-sound recordings to play on my DVD. I just bought a collection of Bach sacred music with choir and pipe organ. To stand in the middle of my living room with this cranked up all the way is more spiritual than I ever felt at a Kingdom Hall. I could almost believe in God again.

  • Mulan

    my taste is a bit different than yours, Dan, but I like:

    The Eagles (Hell Freezes Over)

    Bee Gees (One Night Only)

    Beach Boys (Pet Sounds)

    Josh Groban

    O Brother Where Art Thou (soundtrack)

    We have several Hawaiian Slack Key guitar CD's too. (Ledward Kaapana, Keola Beamer and Ray Kane)

    I bought Kelly Clarkson's CD while we were in Florida. I'll go dig it out and play it now.

    Those are the ones that get played the most..............my 2 year old grandson got into the CD's and my Josh CD is missing............I have the case though.

  • cowhand

    I must be getting old. I never heard of most of these.

    How about Kate and Anna McGariggle

    The Bothy Band

    Eric Bogle

    And for wasasister - Berlioz Requiem

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