Ok, for all of you who use word and excel, I need your help

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I would focus on learning Word first. It is the standard for any type of job requiring you to use words (mail envelopes, labels, etc.) I use it on my job and I'm pretty good with it. Next time you're over, can I give you a lesson or two? Once you have the basics, then you need to use it (like with writing your stories) and that way you can retain the knowledge.

    Excel is really more for spreadsheets (accounting) type of work. So I don't think you would be using it much unless you are in line for some type of accounting job. It's not hard though. I mean if I can learn it, then anyone can.

  • Jesika

    Thanx for all the advice guys!!!!!!!!

    I knew I could count on you all.

    Valis.........I would like to get some books on it if you have some.

    Tex........Sure, I would love some lessons. Alex is off for the rest of the week, so I will let you know k? BTW, I just sent Nina another story, ummmm if you have read my first one that is. I just wrote a story using Word trying to get used to it. SOOOOOOOOO many buttons, it gets confusing, but so was email when I first started using it.

    Thanx again guys. I need ALL the help I can get.


  • SheilaM

    Jes: Not to contradicte BTex I used Excel ALOT as an admin and as an office manager. Thunder and I use if for all of his jobs etc.

  • be wise
    be wise

    I would recommend using a good book as well, simple to start off with. Then when u get stuck you know what to ask. I took a course in it, but all they do is throw a book at you, anyway. The only way you'll learn is by doing it yourself, I think u learn better if you do it trial and error cos u get to know your subject better and u will get a better understanding of whatever you are trying to learn.

    ...GOOD LUCK.

  • Francois

    Don't buy any books. You never know what you're getting, and some of those books truly suck.

    Each one of those programs you mentioned, Word and Excel, have a tutorial built right into the program. Just go to Help on the toolbar (it's on the far right side) and you will find tutorials and all sorts of other stuff that will help you learn the program. And it's written by the people who made the application in the first place.

    Try it. You'll like it.


  • liquidsky

    I use Excel all the time at work. I had to teach myself. If I were you I would get a book or sign up for a beginners class. You can easily find a one day excel/ms office class in any community college for less then $100.00. Or look around the web for online classes.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Jesika,

    If you want to learn the software in the shortest possible time, you need to have some sort of structured learning environment.

    Teeyuck's suggestion - Video Professor is a GREAT PLACE TO START because they have that FREE offer. I would suggest you start with Word.

    After you've worked through the Video Professor program, you'll be able to decide if you want to try their other programs or if you want to sign up for some classes at a local Community College. You will have the baisc terminology down pat, and the classes will probably be challenging but fun.

    Another route you might want to look into is ON-LINE training. The University of Phoenix offers classes, and I think Bellevue Community College also offers "remote learning." I don't know if they have exactly what you're looking for, but it is something that you can check out in minutes while you're on-line.

    U of Phoenix: http://onl.uophx.edu/

    Bellevue Community College: http://distance-ed.bcc.ctc.edu/

    Another possibility is BRAINBENCH. Breainbench is a company that primarily offers independant on-line certification testing, but they also offer some instructional material. Again, I'll leave it to you to see if what they offer is what you want. They are at http://www.brainbench.com/xml/bb/individuals/measuredevelop.xml


    You will be surprised to find that the skills you learn will "spill over" into other areas of you life, to your benefit.

  • blondie

    My advice, Jesika, is to look around your home and find a project or document that is important and useful to you and apply Word or Excel to it, e.g., a letter to the phone company about charges that are not yours, a spreadsheet with the names of your phone contacts (then alphabetize by name or sort by phone number).

    Blondie (instructor of Word and Excel)

  • JeffT

    Blondie's suggestion was very good. There are a zillion things around the house you can organize using these programs: your favorite recipes, your friend's phone numbers, whatever. Just get in and start messing around with stuff. And use the help and tutrorial features.

  • BobsGirl


    I own a computer training company. If you would email me at [email protected], I would love to help you out.

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