Mystical Medicine - Breaking Their Own Rules

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  • joe_from_kokomo

    The clever folks at Ceragem use the same inculcation strategy that the WTS uses. Check out this excerpt from their application for a retail distributorship, and think about how it also applies to being a JW. Note: [comments in brackets were inserted]:

    Will you be able to operate the business [pioneer] with your spouse? Yes No
    Are you and/or your spouse healthy enough to work [in field service] more than 10 hours a day (Monday-Friday + half a day of Saturday)? Yes No
    Would you give up what you have been doing "entirely" for your new Ceragem business [Jehovah's organization]? Yes No
    Are you willing & ready to follow our guidance (Marketing Strategy) [theocratic rules] for successful business [your spiritual protection]? Yes No

    If you can't answer YES to all of the above, [in either case], you don't qualify!!

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