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    Google solveth all problems (except for the management of Google)
    Google search: "pecavvi" = "Commander Charles Napier's orders had been to put down the rebels in Sindh Province, but he he greatly exceeded his mandate and conquered the entire Province.
    Napier was supposed to have dispatched to his superiors the short, notable message, "PECAVVI", the Latin for "I have sinned" (which was a pun on I have Sindh).

    When I was in Jr. High School I used to take 16 new words (new to me, anyway) from my dictionary each day and memorize them to increase my vocabulary for the purpose of being able to read difficult books and someday become a writer.
    One of my vocabulary words was the latin "Pecavvi".

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Even further research on Google yields the information that since the first mention of the pun was as a cartoon or joke in the British magazine Punch in 1844, it seems likely that Napier never actually said it or wrote it himself at his conquest of Sindh in 1843.

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