Terry's Recipe of the Day : Vegetarian Pancakes

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  • TerryWalstrom

    Terry's RECIPE of the DAY
    Breakfast: Vegetarian pancakes!

    1. Free range banana (sliced)
    2. A euthanized egg white (no embryo)
    3. Kosher pancake mix
    4. Hard cold water from freshly wiped faucet
    5. Coat Wok with Olive oil
    (Virgin Olive oil only or Olives in a committed consensual relationship)

    Note: only interior of Wok should be coated. You idiot!

    Mix - repeat
    Heat Wok to 275 degree Fahrenheit

    Pour batter lovingly with Diversity of motion into hot Wok

    Lift Wok and jostle it in a circular motion until a perfect
    circle of spread batter appears.

    Wait for a diversity of bubbles to surface.

    Flip the flapjack. (or alternately: flap the flip jack) or just turn the damned pancake over.

    Pre-coat a red dinner platter (proxy for Breakfast plate) with
    a 3 millimeter thickness of MS. Butter-worth's Original syrup.

    Place pancake centered (equidistant from edges) on appropriated platter.
    Garnish with lawn trimmings.

    Seat yourself in a Fung Shui governed spatially arranged
    location and listen for the sound of one lip smacking.

    Eat the damn thing and do the frickin' dishes.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I have a couple of problems with this recipe, is that free range banana corn fed? More importantly, water from the faucet (or tap as we Brits would say) What! town water--as it comes, exposed to all the bugs and pollution man can muster? My paper thin sensitivities are somewhat abused by this when it is not difficult to double filter before use. I'll have you know my body is a temple.

  • tiki

    Indeed...no tap water. Purified water must be used. Also...that Mrs. Butterworth syrup is chock full of contaminants. You will have to tap your own forest of sugar maples for sap...boil it down appropriately and use that on your delectable morning repast. Bon appetit!!!

  • TerryWalstrom

    As the Catholics are heard to utter in the confessional booth, "Pecavvi" and as Charles Napier was heard to exclaim as well.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Aah! The lovely and erudite Victorian pun: I have Sindh! I think it was a telegram actually.

  • jhine

    l would find it more appealing if you hadn't initially described it as cak . Also how is the egg white euthanised ? is it stunned first ?


  • scruffmcbuff


  • tiki

    I am missing something here. What is pecavvi? I do know sindh....

  • Tobyjones262

    Pancakes are naturally vegetarian. WTH? I could get Vegan supplement the egg but they are vegetarian. All this gluten free BS and free range shit is stupid. If you who bought this bull shit knew your organic bananas came from the same stack as the 29 cents a pound ones, same with apples and other veg. You are just setting yourself up for getting ripped off so you can feel warm and fuzzy.

  • jhine

    l'm glad you asked that tiki .


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