Ever wonder why elders read from a piece of paper when DF'ing someone?

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  • Jourles

    Of course, the reason why they read from a slip of paper is to make sure they do not get caught in any legal difficulties.

  • Gopher

    They wanted to make sure that what is said is "Scripturally and legally correct"!! And exactly what scripture supports a committee of three elders judging a person's heart? What scripture supports announcing a command to shun someone? Hmmmm...

    Of COURSE the main reason is legal. Before this WTS letter, they used to announce disfellowshippings like this: "Joe Blow has been disfellowshipped for conduct unbecoming a Christian." That brought lawsuits for defamation of character.

    So now they're covering their butts legally. (But not scripturally)

    Thanks for posting a copy of that revealing directive from the WTS, Jourles.

  • Jourles

    I am actually in the process of modifying and uploading a TON of these elder's letters to my site. Initially, there will be around 370 pages of scanned letters. They come from very gracious donor(s) who prefer to remain anonymous. If any ex-elders(or current) have these types of letters, please scan and email them to me. What I have already uploaded barely scratches the surface. The only thing slowing me down is converting the original jpg's which are HUGE, to a smaller, more compact, yet clearly readable format(no fuzziness due to compression). Most of these letters started at around 1MB each in size.


  • Prisca

    Excellent web-site!!

    Just had a browse - great work!

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    A superb site!


  • waiting

    hey jourles,

    I'll make sure to add your site to my list of favorites - thanks!

    This letter is so interesting - disfellowshipping process scriptural? 3 men against a man/woman/child in a closed, locked, backroom? The person *can* have witnesses.........if the elders allow it? The elders dictate what can be written down, recorded, etc? The elders demand that no one can observe this process? Secret meetings? The accused is not to talk about it with others....ever?

    This letter has nothing to do with the scriptures. It's to cover the Watchtower's butt legally.

    But what's NOT said on the platform is whispered by the elders to the locals later......and it gets known within the congregations (and surrounding ones too) what kind of major *sin* that this person is damned & shunned for......for the rest of their lives. lol......even slandered about after death.

    Gawd! It's Good to be Free!


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    hey jourles,

    just clicked over to your site! Really great!


    waiting again

  • joenobody

    Thanks for the website. I just reread one of the letters on matters of disassociation when someone joins another religion.

    It made me think of the UN fiasco. It clearly states that jooing another religion or a secular organization with an objective contrary to that of JW would constitute disassociation. What duplicitous deception.

  • blondie

    Great site, Jourles. I have put in my Favorites too.


  • Shakita

    Great site!

    I am going to print out the wedding letters from the society for my daughter. The days leading up to her wedding were a nightmare thanks to the unscriptual rules that the society puts on those who want to marry in their precious kingdom hall.

    I know a couple who is now getting married who has df'd relatives that they will not be inviting to the reception because they said that the organization says you can have them at the ceremony, but not at the reception. It clearly states in this letter that "IF" you invite them to the reception the groom should be aware.....it does not say they are to be forbidden to attend. I don't suppose that you know if there has been any updates from the society on this?

    I will be checking out the rest of the letters when I get back from work today. Very informative site, Jourles. Good work!

    Mrs. Shakita

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