EMDR Therapy Anyone?

by Brian J 11 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • kairos

    I've had the therapy for a few different reasons.

    PTSD for a bad car accident while I was still a dub, PTSD from a large earthquake I lived through after quitting the dubs. Also, some dub related sessions.

    I'm trying to go again.

    It's a very simple process and I'm happy to answer any questions if I can.

  • Sunnybear

    I have used EMDR for years with my counselor. It is to process trama (Like child abuse, rape, etc.). But it can also help you process things like shame or depression or help you process a difficult situation.

    The counselor give you two small boxes that buzz back and fourth. It's supposed to help trigger the left and right brain paths or something. You will think of an image or an memory and just let your mind wander. After a few minutes the counselor will pause the boxes and you will talk about what the last thing you thought about was. then it will continue.

    It is harmless & it works more efficiently than talking does.

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