More Watchtower Begging And Dumbing-Down

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  • blondie

    I noticed the provided questions. First time I have ever seen that in 40 years. The brother handling the part had to come up with his own questions. Some were pretty lame. The only bastion of individuality will be the instruction talk and Bible highlights. Based on how poorly they are prepared, I can see outlines in the future for those.

    The new Do-Not-Call laws in many states and the US wide one on the burner, most likely was behind the change in the spiel on the telephone. Only not for profit organizations get exempted from the DNC in my state.


  • minimus

    "Um, I don't quite know how to put this, but ahhh, I want to send you people something that I can't really talk about. You know what I mean??? I have some questions about (you know what) but you probably always get those questions now, don'tcha? If I send you the (oops, i almost spilled the beans) um, "thing", you know what I'm talking about, right?, can I take it offa my taxes? OOOh, I hope that question wasn't wrong, Brother!"

  • benext

    Is this mentioning of the donation arrangement (which many don't) in connection with telephone witnessing?

  • Mary

    Maverick said: "...If these guys, (WTS) made breakfast cereal they would call it "Puffed Air" and the box would be very colorful, large, and EMPTY!...."

    With a "Best Before 1975" expiration date on it.

  • blondie
    The KM also warns against mentioning the donation arrangement over the phone because "this could be misinterpreted as a form of telephone solicitation"

    benext, this is what was mentioned in the first post.


  • Pistoff

    Mary wrote:

    Best Before 1975

    HAHA..............that one got me. Why in the hell didn't we just walk away then? we could now be celebrating almost 30 years, 30 YEARS of free thinking!!


    Better late than never.

  • rocketman

    Blondie, I noticed too that many brothers would mess up questions on Service Meeting parts. We had one elder that had the congregation almost banging their heads trying to "read his mind" as it were. He'd ask a question, and then upon heaing a reply, would often say "that's not what I'm looking for".

    One other brother made this joke about that elder: "One of these days he'll ask, 'what's your favorite food', and a person raise their hand and say 'hamburgers' and he'll say 'that's not what I'm looking for".

  • blondie

    rocketman, I can remember a brother that would ask a question, and no one would answer, not even his wife. I asked her after the meeting if she knew, she said, "I haven't known for the last 30 years what that man is thinking." If the wife hasn't a clue, I could see why the rest of the audience was in the dark.

    A secular speaker at a seminar said that if you ask a question and don't get back the answer you want, it is because you asked the wrong question.


  • JT
    I cannot understand how the previous 10 years of constant whining and begging for $$$ hasn't broken the backs of most JWs

    it is because they really don't ask for alot of your CASH, now your time and energy, well that is a horse of a different color

    i work with a number of folks who belong to major big time churches here in wash dc, 20-24,000 members and they are REQUIRED to submit their W-2 each year to the Deacon Board- so that the church can calculate what the TAKE WILL BE FOR THE NEXT YEAR- WHEN you consider they are taking 10% of your GROSS, YES THE GROSS-

    NOW THAT IS what one wouild consider breaking the backs yet they rejoice in being able to belong to such powerrful churches and they pay willingly

    despite all the bullshit of wt i must concede no one personally benifited from the cash like most of the big time preachers in this area do-

    when i see these guys riding around in Bentleys and Rolls Royces and Lear and Gulf Stream jets, i can't imagine the life style they would live if they took in a billion dollars like wt does-

    i recall the wt once asking for $.10 per pub to bring home the missionaries, i wonder what the take would be if NEW LIGHT flashed up and they went with the 10% rule

  • undercover
    One other brother made this joke about that elder: "One of these days he'll ask, 'what's your favorite food', and a person raise their hand and say 'hamburgers' and he'll say 'that's not what I'm looking for".

    That is so true. How many times did a brother ask a question, someone answer it correctly and the brother conducting say, "True, but that's not what I'm looking for". After 3-4 "not what he was looking for" answers I just wanted to shout, "Why the hell don't you tell us what you're thinking and save us all this aggravation!".

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