One Comes Home..The Sadness of War

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  • Valis

    My children live right next to the cemetary where this young man was layed to rest..and I guess half out of morbid curiosity and half out of paying respects I went to his grave site. It made me think that for all our posturing and talking about the war, people playing the role of pundit on any side of the topic, folks breaking down friendships, not speaking or posting to this board or that because of their nationalistic or patriotic viewpoints, we can all agree that those who lose their lives in millitary service at least deserve our respect and gratitude. Their families also deserve our compassion and respect as well. The two towns next to this cemetary came out in full force to send condolances and pay their respects. A week before I arrived, my 6 yr old was right out in front of the mile long procession with her kindergarten class carrying her flag all the way to his grave site. I think it is of some importance for teaching young ones not only the real gravity of war, but also how precious life is, which for many of us never happened. The lives of others could be flippantly passed of as worthless in the eyes of God regardless of who they were. Something I will never let happen in my family ever again. I also understand as well that my 6 yr was on CNN several times, which I unfortunately missed. Well, maybe this will make some reflect on their own actions and blathering on about the war to no real end other than to be "right", and maybe bring a fresh perspective not given by CNN or any other news source...It just isn't the same till you go see it for yourself.


    District Overbeer

  • Nikita

    Valis, I just saw this post and it was very touching-thanks for sharing!


  • beckyboop


    Wow--you really expressed how I feel as well. I think that so many of us DON'T have a healthy respect for life and love--but it sure sounds like you are teaching this to your children very well. This war is such a crock, but the people involved in it (on both sides) need our support no matter what--because they are the ones who'll have to deal with the worst psychological effects from it.

    Sorry you missed your 6 year old on CNN--maybe you'll somehow find a clip of it though. I can only imagine how proud you must be that your children will grow up without the bindings on love that we all had due to the borg.

    I also agree about "seeing it for yourself"--we cannot imagine what others go through, and the news media isn't always a good source for un-biased opinions. As usual, your post struck a chord in me, and I hope that you someday make it East (we're having a New England Apostafest on Memorial Day) so that we can meet you in person. (especially since I know that you're another "fish" like me) You would be welcome to stay with my boyfriend and me and our 3 dogs if you decided to come this way...

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.



  • BluesBrother

    Well said Vallis. I make no secret of my disagreement with the campaign to fight a war, but I would still grieve with those who lost loved ones, and rejoice to see prisoners return safely .

    Human life is too precious to lose , and I respect the sincere convictions of those who did not agree with me.

    It just all seems such a pity.....

  • Reborn2002

    Thanks for sharing that Valis. This is a beautiful post. Despite any differences individuals may have in beliefs, we should still support the troops who put their lives on the line.

    This was a particularly touching and disturbing photo for me. The first thing I noticed was this man was born in the same year I was... so as I looked at it I immediately pictured my own headstone with my name in the photograph instead of his...

    That is enough to make anyone think.

  • Valis

    Thanks for your comments all...I didn't think anyone would respond to this thread...


    district Overbeer

  • Valis

    BTTT for Memorial Day..


    District Overbeer

  • Brummie
    The two towns next to this cemetary came out in full force to send condolances and pay their respects.

    Yay to them! As sad as the situation is its great to know so many turned up to show respect. Restores faith a little doesnt it!

    Thanks for posting this Valis, I'd have been right there beside them all if it were possible.

  • teejay

    Nice post, Valis.
    No matter what side of the line we might be on, one has to have nothing but respect for the honor and valor each of the young men and women showed in this latest conflict. Whether for right or for wrong, they responded to the call and did their duty. I, for one, salute them all.

  • Satanus

    It's a touching thread, valis. I pondered why some frienships were broken and why some descent people have left the board over war discussions. I think it's because of the value of human life. War brings that idea home, because human life is generally the currency of war.


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