Ive been asked to do a talk for a born-again church...

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  • searchfothetruth

    I could do with some advice.

    My uncle is a Born-Again and attends a Church in Liverpool and has asked me to give an hours talk on 'How to answer Jehovah's Witnesses' basically to help his churches members talk to witnesses on the when they come to their doors.

    I have most of the info off Freeminds and JW Files, and was wondering what you all thought would be the best subjects to approach, the easiest to explain and the most effective for making JW's think after being questioned on it.

    Appreciate your comments.

  • mustang

    More of a question than an answer.... but,

    You might start by defining what the "Born-Againers" believe. This will, in turn, define what you need to convey. The audience here might benefit by a "quick rundown", say 5 or 10 topics, in a "one liner" format.

    Also, is their church truly known as "Born-Againers" (in the noun usage) or is this a description (adjective persuasion)? Is there a more formal name for their group? If so, that would tend to guide selection of topics for discussion.


  • SpannerintheWorks


    I've done this before. Do not over-complicate things. The average listener knows nothing about the JW religion. Remember that. Keep it simple.

    If I were you, I would not get into (as they are BA's) scriptural references. Keep to fact!


    1 .Chronology. 1914, 1916,1918, 1919.

    2. False prophecies.1873,1874,1914,1918,1925, 1942,1975......

    3. UN.

    4. Blood tranfusions allowed in Bulgaria.

    5. Occult involvement: Johannes Greber.


  • DJ

    Hey good for your Uncle. He is caring for his own church members to help them to never be led astray as well as trying to help the jw's. Very commendable. I would include the scriptures that deal with partaking in the communion/memorial. I think that there is such a big distiction between the two beliefs there. It is also very easy to comprehend who is following Christ's command there and who is twisting it. I wish you the best. You are doing something extremely valuable. love, dj

  • JeffT

    I've spoken about my JW past at a number of places. Born again Christians (of which I'm one) are always eager to talk about the trinity. I try to tell them that I think this is counter-productive as the dubs think they are on very firm ground about it. One thing that I tell them will likely confound a witness is to give them their personal testimony. There is no way a dub can flip through his Bible and disprove it.

  • worldlygirl

    Ask the witnesses at the door, "If I do not accept your Bible Study or information, do you think I (and my beautiful, innocent little children) will die a horrible death at Armageddon? What can you say that will make me trust in YOUR malicious, petty God?" Also you may want to ask them to answer truthfully this question, "Are you LOOKING FORWARD to my destruction (and the destruction of my beautiful, innocent children) at Armageddon? What is Christian and Loving about THAT?"

  • mouthy

    I do this very often. If I were you I would give your testimony as to why you got involved -Then explain about birthdays ,Christmas,144.000, 1975 How those sitting listening are of the devil (by the WT teaching..).. Just the facts,,, Alot of the chronology( cant spell it)they are really not interested in . But the human edge of deception they are !!!! my 2 cents

  • Francois

    Here's another site for some good stuff:


    Give it a shot.


  • rocketman

    Lots of good suggestions. I'll just emphasize the need to keep it simple.

    One side thought is that jws are not really forthecoming at the door. They first ask for a minute of your time. Then, an RV. Then, a 15 minute study. That expands to an hour. Before long they want you at the Sunday meeting. Then it's the week night meetings. Then, you're expected to go door-to-door. My point is that they never tell a person up front all that is involved, even though people have a right to know. You might mention that they should ask a knocking jw what is expected of them, and then watch the answer they get. It'll likely be "well, we're not here to convert you" and/or "we just want to discuss the Bible with interested persons".

  • rocketman

    BTW Francois, thanks for pointing out that site. I'll give it a read too.

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