Define/Describe "Spiritual" please

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  • Brummie

    I asked a similar question about spirituality here:

    I'll cut & paste my interpretation of spirituality:

    I define it as subjectively experiencing life both outside of myself but mainly within.

    Outside: becoming familiar with the awesomeness of the world be it the magnificent, the delicate hardly noticable, or the beautiful.

    Within: My inner reactions to the outer: creation, such as how I feel when I see waves clashing angrily or even a calm ripple, when I hear thunder or say when I see a spider spinning a web or a bird feeding its young. My personal observance of life or how I deal with death or traumatic events, the profound insights that each experience brings. All these, in a nut shell, are part of what make up my spirituality.

    Naturally I am aware that a persons theology will play a part in how a person views spirituality, but that is another thread. Mine is a spirituality with an awarness of and a thankfulness towards God for all of these things, for others evolution or whatever their spirituality entails.


  • anti-absolutist

    One sense of what it means to be spiritual, to me, is this:

    To understand that we are but a grain of sand on the sea shore, as far as our individual importance to the rest of the universe as it functions, in all its wonder. But, at the same time, to understand how significant and important a roll we individually play in the universe, by our exchange of love, respect and energy with others, especially within our immediate circle of friends/family.

    And ultimately that these two seemingly contradictory points can still be so very true, proves that there is such a perfect balance that exists in the universe, and that we are all a part of that balance, along with every other being that exists in this universe.

    Boy, that was harder to put into words than I thought it would be. I hope it makes sense to other people, the way that it does to me.


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