Define/Describe "Spiritual" please

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  • anti-absolutist

    I am curious to see how many varieties of opinions there are on what it means to be spiritual.

    Brad (I will post my interpretation at the end)

  • mattnoel


    Well first of all not arguing with anything the society says then the following:

    Attend every single meeting - even if you are dying and going to give the flu to everyone else, Always go out on field service, answer at every meeting not just a monotonous reading of the paragraph, you have to give a long detailed answer pref quoting scriptures, give your self up for every thing that is offered to you including cleaning the mens loos, study for every meeting, pre study your prestudy and if you have done that, read the watchtower and maybe listen to some kingdom melodies. You shouldnt have much more time for anything else but if you do, maybe apply a bit more study time.

  • Sentinel

    I used to have the misconception that being "spiritual" meant that one was very religious. Now I believe that it has little to do with religion.

    For me being spiritual means that I listen to that inner voice that tells me that I am here on this earth and a part of something grand; and there are lots of things I don't know. I feel a connection to a deeper meaning to the why's and wherefor's of life, and I feel a connection to the creators of the universe. This helps me to try to live a good and wholesome life, doing good, having love and compassion for all.

    It also means trying to be the best that I can be, at my own pace, listening to my own heart. It means searching for understanding and living in tune with my soul. Accepting this journey as part of my soul's journey. It doesn't mean attending a meeting in a building or praying a certain way, or taking on a certain structured belief system of doctrines, rules and regulations.

  • mouthy

    I would have said it just like Sentenial =except with one differance instead of creators I would have said CREATOR-Just One!!!

  • TheStar

    Very nicely said Sentinel... I'm right there with ya except that I am not sure that I am connected with any creator(s)... not yet anyway...

  • fraidycat9

    • Highlight all the answers in your study publications in yellow. If you sit up front, everyone will know you have “studied”. The yellow will be able to be seen even from the rear of the KH. Ink and pencil are not quite as effective as they do not amplify properly over distances
    • Make sure you casually incorporate in your answers the fact that you did “research”
    • Put yourself in line for display at circuit / district conventions and assemblies. (Hubba Hubba with the right dubba !!) Have a “way out there” experience in your pocket ready to relate.
    • Hang out with mega hour publishers and pioneers only
    • Walk in the hall and start hugging everyone while addressing them as “my brother” and “my sister”. Augment this activity during CO visits with lots of hand shaking and baby kissing
    • You aren’t spiritual until someone declares you as such. Keeping this in mind, make sure that at least once a week, someone in the congregation refers to you as “spiritual”. For example: “You know that fraidycat9? He/She sure is a spiritual brother/sister”
    • Don’t carry a green or black hard cover bible. Get a deluxe!! Extra points for you if you have your name engraved on it. And make sure you wear that shiny edge off of it and wrinkle a few pages. We don’t want anyone to get the impression that it’s new!!!
  • Warrigal

    LOL @ fraidycat!

    I'd have to first define the physical as pertaining to the human body. The need for food, sleep, shelter, movement and the application of physical laws such as gravity would apply to the physical body.

    Love, joy, comfort, peace, appreciation, faith and expectation I would class as spiritual aspects. I know I've left some stuff out, but thats whats on the top of my head today.

  • Oroborus21

    some thoughts...

    According to the scriptures, the spiritual man is concerned with spiritual things. The physical man has difficulty grasping spiritual things because his concern is with physical matters.

    To be spiritual therefore means that one is occupied on matters of the spirit--his will and conduct are bent towards spiritual things, spiritual understanding and spiritual conduct.

    The bearing, conduct, and dealings with others and the environment of the spiritual person should reflect this spirituality (in contrast to how one of the flesh or the "physical person" would be).

    (Interestingly, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs suggests that we must first satisfy the base physical needs before we can obtain higher spirtual planes of self-actualization.)

    Please note, being "Spiritual" is NOT the same as being "Theocratic" in the JW cultural sense.

    Being "theocratic" in JW terms, primarilly reflects a compliant, obedient and dilligent adhesion to the directives of the Society--including expected behaviours and conduct.

    This should not be confused with "spirituality" however.

    I have met many who could be deemed "theocratic" but are not what I would describe as "spiritual" and obviously there are many truly spiritual persons in the world that are not in the least sense "theocratic" in JW-terms.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Spiritual is about spirit.

    There are many spirits of the spiritual realm - as there are many creatures in the physical realm.

    A discipline of Christ (and disciples) is having control over spirits - like self-control in a sense, depending on motivation - a spirit of anger, fear, even alcohol (spirits) may rule us - or we may indeed rule over them (ruling with Him).

    Even today, disciples (those learning of this discipline) "cast out evil spirits" with love and kindness - they are able to rule over them (like the centurion who "says to one go and he goes") - and like the disciples of old they sometimes may not be able, a clouded approach ("how long am I to be with you over this?").

    Fore-giving (wishing them well, blessing their journey etc) is a sure way to rid a lot of people (self as well) of 'evil' spirits - and not fore-giving binds a person to those same spirits (yourself too).

    Spirits give rise to a spoken 'word' (Christ, the Word, from the Spirit of Love) - what comes out comes from the spirits within - I believe jwism comes from many adverse spirits (as in - "My name is mob") - it's recognised by their own that it's not truth - "their sons shall be their judges".

    Anyway, I could be going on all day - to no one even.

    " Nevertheless do not rejoice that you have power over the spirits: rather, rejoice that you names are written in heaven"

    Sometimes people are pondering over soul when they talk about spirituality.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Well perhaps not "My name is Mob" - but there certainly is a confused bunch of spirits going down there.

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