has anyone here been rebaptized after leaving wts?

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  • ballistic

    I thought the question meant has anyone been re-baptised as a witness. And I believe there has been such and also re-affirmations of baptism for witnesses who later decided they did not fully understand - witnesses deciding they baptised too young.

  • mouthy

    Nathan what a lovely thing to say!!!!! Thanks!!! (((((HUG)))) I bet if you saw the love that is poured out at Pennsylvania _Oct 17th "Witnesses Now For Jesus" Convention about 3-400 EX JWs_----You would know He was More than a Carpenter. !!!!But it is choices eh! I loved my Dad -He was an Atheist also.....Nice guy though>>>>>>like you !

  • marsal


    I was baptized last week. This baptism had a special meaning for me because I wanted to make a public profession that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I know that my JW baptism back in the 70's was not about my personal relationship with Jesus and so, to me, my JW baptism didn't "count".

    As Ravyn said a Christian baptism isn't really a "re-baptism" but a baptism for the first time.


  • Brummie

    I was baptised as a JW, then baptised as a Christian in a nice christian centre 1 year after I left the JWs. I saw the JW baptism as a contract that I wanted to rip up and be rid off, a final goodbye to my cultic past.


  • DJ


    That's wonderful, congrats and welcome sister.

  • nowisee

    thank you all for answering. i will think about what everyone said.

    thanks, dawn - i have begun to look for your posts too.

    also thanks to jefft, gumby, ravyn (i had an employee named raven when i owned my new age bookstore), and ballistic (it's nice to bump into you again).

    marsal/marianne, it is nice to meet you. welcome to the forum and many congratulations on your baptism. may the Lord be with you.

  • AGuest

    Hello, dear Nowisee... and the greatest of peace to you! May I respond? Thank you!

    When I was... ummm... 'expelled' from the WTBTS... a few others were, too, shortly after. Since we had not left JAH... but had found Christ (or rather, had been found by Christ)... some were of the mind that our baptism vows taken in the Borg were in error and so we needed to get re-baptized. I did not feel as these did (which I will explain below); however, I asked and received direction from my Lord that so as not to stumble those, I, too, should undergo water baptism. And so I did... in the pool in my backyard. Several did in my pool, others in the hot tubs and pools of others. We figured, "Look! A body of water; what prevents [us]..." It was not "public" as we did not feel this necessary: no one but Philip and Eunuch were present at the Eunuch's baptism. So, we kind of were "there" for each other, but the groups were small, usually three or four or five. It was very private and very personal.

    As I said, however, I did not feel compelled to do this, but did so upon my Lord's instruction: "'do not stumble' the little children." I had already made my "dedication" before the "ark" of MY "covenant" with God, my HEART, which is in the "temple" of God... or in my (my body, per se) - 1 Corinthians 3:16. I had dedicated myself to do my Lord's will, and had already received the TRUE baptism... that of fire and spirit, holy spirit, which baptism "saves."

    I asked my Lord at a later time why I did not feel compelled to undergo water baptism, and he replied that water baptism (with H20) was for the JEWS... in symbol of their repentance for transgression against the Law Covenant. It was also for Israel, who has also entered that Covenant, so it was for folks like Cornelius (a Samaritan and, therefore, an Israelite - of the 10-tribe kingdom of Israel who dwelled in Samaria, with the capital city of Bethel...), his family (also Samaritans), and the Ethiopian Eunuch, who had was either an Israelite (Ethiopian denotes his nationality, not his ethnicity), or a convert to Judaism, as evidenced by his worshipping at the Temple.

    But such water baptism was not for the "nations," those NOT Israel/Jews... for such ones were not UNDER the Law Covenant so as to have transgressed it. Thus, the cry for "Repent," went out to the Jews/Samaritans, who symbolized such repentance by water baptism and either before or after were THEN baptized with holy spirit. The nations, however, simply received a baptism of holy spirit.

    Now, this puzzled me a bit, as I AM a Jew, by means of being a descendant of Ben-Jah-Min, which tribe joined with Judah to make up the 2-tribe kingdom of Judah, which resided in Judea and had Jerusalem as its capital city. Surely, since I, too, was a "Jew," then I, too, needed to get rebaptized in symbol of my repentance (for I had certainly transgressed the Law, and even today do so still, pursuant to my imperfect flesh - praise JAH, however, I have a "savior", whose BLOOD can "wash" me!)

    My Lord's response was to ask me what was in my HEART... what was my PURPOSE... when I underwent water baptism for the Borg. Indeed, my purpose was to dedicated myself to him... and to my Father... to do their "will." That WAS my intent. The WTBTS, however, intended otherwise - for me (and millions of others) to dedicate ourselves to service to THEM, to do THEIR "will", using God and Christ as a vehicle. Then my Lord reminded of the questions I was asked and answered at my baptism... and they were sufficient... for ME. MY intention was to live true to the answers I shouted "yes" to. However, in order to keep their true agenda working, the "Society" changed those questions: I was baptized in March 1985; the questions were changed in June 1985, and now asks whether those responding realize that their decision dedicates them to the BORG... in so many words.

    Bottom line? It doesn't matter who baptized you... or when. What matters... is YOUR motive and understanding AT THE TIME. This is because ANY person can be dipped in water with ANY intention. Many are, in fact, to impress/appease family and friends. Many, take the "plunge" with absolutely no intention of serving God... indeed, without any knowledge of Him at all... or desire for knowledge. They do it to join a church; to "belong." They do it because of familial pressure. They do it because someone told them they should, that it was "time."

    But, like Ananias and Sapphira... you cannot fool holy spirit. By means of this spirit, which bears witness between us and God, through Christ, our hearts are open... and exposed. What is covered by flesh... so that earthling man cannot see... is readily evident before God and Christ... so that nothing is hidden.

    That's what it MEANS... to walk in the Light: being honest about what is IN us, in our hearts... rather than being deceitful, hypocritical. For the Light that is my Lord, the Son of God and His Word, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... is a two-edged sword. He IS alive... and his light, like a sword, can pierce even to the dividing of soul (flesh) and spirit... and is able to discern thoughts and INTENTIONS... of the heart.

    So, I would say to you... rather than stress over whether you should once again undergo water (H20) baptism, think about asking instead for the "bath that cleanses"... the TRUE "water" of life... HOLY SPIRIT... and baptism by means of IT. For the putting away of the filth of the flesh is not what will save you... but it is a clean conscience, so that one can approach God without hindrance. And it is only holy spirit that can clean such conscience... the "man" you are on the INSIDE of the "cup"... your spirit.

    May the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Holy One of Israel whose name is JAH... of Armies... and the peace of His Son and my Lord, JAHESHUA ("Jah Saves" - Psalm 68:4) MISCHAJAH ("chosen/anointed of Jah")... be upon you... if you so wish it. And may that undeserved kindness grant YOU ears to hear the Spirit and the Bride which KEEP saying:

    "Come! Take "life's water"... FREE!" Revelation 22:17 Luke 11:13 John 7:37, 38 John 4:10-14

    The greatest of peace to you!

    YOUR servant (as I am servant to ALL those of the Household of God, Israel, and those who "go with" them...), and a slave of Christ... to time indefinite...


  • DJ
    he replied that water baptism (with H20) was for the JEWS... in symbol of their repentance


    I'm sorry but I see that statement that you say you have from the Lord is contrary to scripture in many places. Off the top of my head....Matthew 27:19......There it clearly states to make disciples of all the nations and baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I don't think there is room for argument about what it says there. The words 'of all the nations' refers to the gentiles as well. We also do well to remember what baptize means literally right (immersion) but I know that you know that! ? Figuratively, it is to identify oneself with the Lord's burial as we 'bury our sins' in his death.

  • Mac

    I completely emersed myself into a good bottle of gin once...does that count?


  • mouthy

    MAC!!!!! NO!!!

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