were did church steeples come from?

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  • outoftheorg

    The wbts and other religions point to the old pagan origins of the cross and steeples as being phalic, or representing the male sex member. The terrible penis.

    An author and authority regarding the sumarian language and history says the steeples were the early humans, trying to match the upright position of the rockets at launch pads. These were there when the aliens from the planet Nibiru came to earth and viewed as holy temples of the gods, by the humans.

    Take your choice.


  • metatron

    it's just more Watchtower nonsense.

    Consider: Do the people who use the church view it as a giant penis? No?

    Then it isn't a giant penis to them. The subject here is symbolism. If it symbolizes a reach to heaven to you,

    then that's all that matters. The Watchtower loves empty accusations against other faiths, as a means of

    making themselves look better.


  • kls

    Stinkypanz,i know if i have any ques.you are the one to answer it.The rest of you all are so damn funny, i sat here in front of this stupid comp.box laughing .Thanks , i have knowledge and a sore stomach.

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