were did church steeples come from?

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  • kls

    This always grossed me out in the org. Do any of you remember being told the steeple on a church is a represenative of a mans penis? some sort of pagan symble.Is there any proof of this or is the org.making this up to denounce churches. I really would like to know.

  • teenyuck

    kls, everything from the hats the Pope wears to crosses are supposed to represent the penis....

    They do seem to have some penis envy, huh?

    I see a definite resemblence:


  • Englishman

    A man's penis?

    Oh well...maybe so:


  • teenyuck

    I must add:

    Phallic symbol came up a lot in regards to Catholics. I am sure if someone did a search on the WT CD, they could find some article that discusses it.

  • Sentinel

    Never heard that one.

    I just thought steeples were designed, so that churches would be seen above other buildings, so that those in search of god, would see the steeple and come inside. Also, the steeple could mean a "reaching up to connect with the heavens".

    JW's have their "watch tower", but they don't put steeples on their buildings.

  • StinkyPantz

    *** w68 2/1 pp. 94-95 The Cross Is of Pagan Origin ***

    The cross used by the churches of Christendom has not the remotest connection with Christianity. It is instead a sacred symbol belonging to ancient pagan religions, religions that the God of truth abhorred and against which he warned the nation of Israel. (Deut. 7:16, 25, 26) It was a recognized symbol in the religion of ancient Egypt.

    The Egyptian cross, known as the crux ansata, was surmounted by a circle. This combination represented the male and female procreative organs. Referring to the female symbol on this cross—the circle—by the Hindu term yoni, the book Sex and Sex Worship by O. A. Wall states on page 359: "The crux ansata (cross with a handle) was used all over the world from India, Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, to Sweden and Denmark (old Runic) and in the Western Continent. . . . It is the ankh of the Egyptians, the symbol of life, because it represents the feminine yoni in union with the masculine tau cross."



    rs p. 91 par. 3 Cross ***

    "Various figures of crosses are found everywhere on Egyptian monuments and tombs, and are considered by many authorities as symbolical either of the phallus [a representation of the male sex organ] or of coition. . . . In Egyptian tombs the crux ansata [cross with a circle or handle on top] is found side by side with the phallus."—A Short History of Sex-Worship (London, 1940), H. Cutner, pp. 16, 17; see also The Non-Christian Cross, p. 183.



  • TresHappy

    I had one the annointed tell me that outfit the guy is wearing in the above post is from some fish god...

    Can someone elaborate on that?

  • Pleasuredome


    thats the leaning spire of spire chesterfiled isnt it?


    maybe the spire does represent a penis, but not sure on that one. the fish stems right back to babylon, as it represents nimrod. also the fleur-de-lis is a representation of the babylonian trinity of nimrod, his son tamuz and queen semiramis. the WTS late anything to the penis, imo to put you off the subject to prevent further investigation.

  • teenyuck

    Heck, even trees are Phallic!

    Fact or fallacy: Sexy tree too much for some Westside neighbors


  • oldcrowwoman

    I learned from the WT they penises.

    everytime I was with anybody in the car I would tell them the story. The churches needed huge condoms.

    Sure made sense to me. The god of fertility!


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