Witness Cruises

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  • obiwan

    Man I can see it all now...the ships compliment throwing themselves overboard from insanity, every 2 minutes a jw knocking on there cabin door, or better yet finding a tract every time they went to there room.lol

  • mouthy

    I never heard of the cruises -but it brought to mind what we used to do in Quebec,,, It was called a Maple Syrup Festival... All the JWs would get together & rent a farm big barn( they used to rent it out to two groups ) We had one side & a wall between them was another group -I think it was golfing group--- Well It was so funny we had country dancing ,pancakes etc.... All us well dressed JWs--- But as you know JWS do have some good looking guys & gals. The golfing group noticed them ( they were boozing of course WE werent)They started to come on our side- wanting to dance with our PERFECT people.... But the men had oranges up there shirts- to look like boobs- smoking- telling the jokes etc:::had a little to much to drink got a little fresh.... The Brothers went around to all of the intruders tapping them on the shoulder telling them to leave, One of them said to me" How do they know we are not with this group?"Old self rightous Grace told em!!!!!!! Well we dont behave that way we are Jehovahs Christian Witnesses........When I think of how I was then!! It is like looking at another person.... No wonder my husband use to yell "MRS KNOW IT ALL KNOWS BUGGER ALL" Hey Frank if your up there....You were right mate!!!!

  • unique1

    I think I started this. We went on several cruises, but they weren't called Witness cruises. A sister in a local congregation was a travel agent and she would get really good deals in November and ask around to see if anyone would like to take advantage of them. Of course one person would say yes and the recruiting would begin. I went on my first one at age 14 with some of my girlfriends and three more after that. Us girls had a great time, scoping for guys, drinking on international waters and dancing in the disco all night after the parentals had gone to bed. We weren't rich or anything, unless you consider living in a single wide trailer on a rented lot with a cow pasture in the back rich. They were just really reasonable prices. The elders and MS that went on them were OFF THE HOOK. It was like they finally let loose or something. We did have a WT study on one of them though, that blew.

  • undercover
    We went on several cruises, but they weren't called Witness cruises

    No, they didn't really have a name nor were they ever sanctioned by any congregation or even the Society. It was like a grass roots movement. Started small and then it grew and grew each year. I remember seeing a flyer being passed around that gave the iteneraries, the prices, port charges, etc. It was kinda like a sign up sheet. A sister in our congregation got one, made copies and passed it out at the hall. Her husband was one of the elders that slid down in his chair at the MS school when the instructor condemned them.

  • berten

    Talking about Traveling Witnesses,does anyone remember that in the late 1970's the WTS organized a week-long

    trip through Israel? Or was this a local affair? (Belgium).Quite a few airplanes where chartered for this trip from

    Brussels to Tel-Aviv,was this the same in other countries?Can anyone recall this?

  • ikhandi

    When I was an active jw I used to go on jw cruises every two years with my friends. In fact an ex friend of mine who is a brother owns a travel agency arranges them each year. The last one I went on was with about 60 witnesses. It was actually a decent affair. I remembering us having our own specical gatherings on the ship and the fellowship was always nice. Quite a contrast to a ski trip that I attended in 95 to the poconos in PA with young people my age. NO adult chaperones, nothing but young people with raging hormones doing whatever they felt like. I remember brothers coming in and out our hotel room and hanging out with us lying on our beds with us still on them, brothers laying in between sisters legs, talking and laughing. Around that time the group TLC had a song out called red light special, in which some sisters and brothers(ms) were engaging in some real dirty dancing. One of my roomates never came back to our room for the night, god knows what she was doing. and with who. I also recall going to a witness party in someones suite in which there was a serious keg of beer in a bathtub in which jws that were clearly not of the legal drinking age got wasted and started fights. Despiste the madness most of us acted holier than though and attended the meeting on Sun. The brother that I got a ride with to the meeting(others roomates were still hungover) had two or three condoms laying under his seat. I got home that weekend and was in total shock of what I had seen people doing thinking how on earth are these people witnesses? Its kinda ironic now but I remember there being talks on the assembly about these type of gatherings. I do know of a few witnesses that were lated df'd months following that event.

  • DevonMcBride

    A couple of years ago my mother and father went on a cruise that had a group of Mormons on board. They had the nerve to preach to some of the passengers and hand out tracks. Some of the people got offended and complained to the purser who had to put a stop to this.

    Imagine traveling anywhere/anyplace on holiday and finding a group of religious fanatics.


  • minimus

    The LAST thing I would want to do is go on a vacation with 50 plus Jehovah's Witnesses. I remember the CO and DO saying that elders shouldn't be going on these cruises. I remember thinking that if I were in the position of losing a deposit or going against the counsel, the decision would have been an easy one. I would have gone on the ship. Anytime you put 50 JW's together at a party with booze and "fun", the result will be reproof, local needs talks and maybe a couple of disfellowshippings.

  • archangel01

    When I go on Vacation I'm on Vacation. No meetings etc, well I'm out of that cult now anyway so I don't have to worry about that. One Time this brother an a few others told me to stop tanning (Because they were all pale sicky white/ugly, an had a lot of envy in them, and don't want to believe that someone can be/have something better then them) . Well a few weeks later his fat ass daugther etc all come back from a trip with a Tan/Very Burned skin....sev. them right, U Rock Jesus, Thank You for Justice, I think Jesus was Burning Mad Too about what they said LOL! Of course I didn't stop Tanning, Don't mess with me or my Free Will! LOL

  • SYN

    Two weeks on a boat? Filled with Dubs?

    Definitely one of the more horrible things I can picture, apart from something involving Anna Nicole Smith.

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