Are you doing your part???

by James Mixon 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • smiddy3

    So David`s friends/charges put their life in danger to get him some water to drink and he pours it out on the ground ?

    What an ares-hole ungrateful SOB , he was to do that to them.

    And that account is supposed to inspire us to follow Davids example ?

  • venus

    David rightly felt water brought risking the lives of the soldiers is equal to drinking the real blood of those soldiers or eating them alive.

    Behind the details, the essence is that you should not help yourself putting the innocent ones at risk.

    Similarly, God cannot even think that he would use the blood of an innocent one for any purpose--however loft that purpose may be because His hands are not too short to devise an effective tool to accomplish any purpose.

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