Should "the other woman" be considered an acomplice before the fact?

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Here is a thougth.

    If this Peterson yutz is found guilty of murdering his wife and child, should the gal he was cheating with take some of the blame?

    If it comes up that Lacey was killed because she found out about the affair, doesn't that implicate the other woman?

    If not for her actions Lacey and the child might still be alive.

    Maybe its a stretch, what do you think?


  • ashitaka

    Nah. An affair doesn't equate to murder. If she didn't participate or know about it, then she is free of the guilt from it. If this guy is the scammer I think he is, then this lady might not have even known about Laci before this happened.

    I think this guy is just an asshole who thought he could get an easy way out of the responsibilities of life. Let his ass take the blame.

    Remember, this lady might have been scammed by him too.


  • TresHappy

    This woman didn't know about Peterson's wife. She was distraught when she heard the news of Laci Peterson. If he lied about that, he could lie about anything. I think he killed Laci and is arrogant enough to think he'll get away with it. I feel for the "other woman." She was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    As I understand it, the other woman did not know that Scott Peterson was married. When she found out, she broke it off with him, and after Laci went missing, she went to the police of her own volition and told them of her involvement with Peterson. Law enforcement officials have applauded her for coming forward of her own accord.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive".

    Guest 77

  • rocketman

    Yeah, no guilt for the "other woman". Just a lying slob of a guy who looks like he's guilty of a double murder.

  • Sentinel

    Nope. I think she was a somewhat innocent party, in that she didn't even know Scott was married, and came forward immediately after finding out what happened. Apparently he lied to her as well.

    People have affairs for various reasons and although it seems unfair and cruel to the other party, no one knows what goes on between a couple. Affairs only complicate things. Love is complicated.

  • Francois



  • sandy

    like others have said the other woman didn't even know Scott was married. According to reports here, she heard the news that Laci was missing and she was Scott's wife so she came forward to police.

    I don't think she even knew he was married until the news broke the story. Scott Peterson told her he was in France ? for Chrismas on a business trip.

    And even if she did know he was married she shouldn't be accountable. having an affair is not a crime. Scott is the guilty party (IMHO) he should pay the ultimate price for murdering his wife and unborn child.

  • freedom96

    An affair is not the same as murder.

    In this case, the lady came forward, didn't try to hide anything, and I don't believe she knew that Scott was married.

    Even if she knew that he was married, I would not implicate her in the murder unless she actually had something to do with it.

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