Why Catholics?

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The "hate the worst thing about yourself" psychology is certainly valid, but there's another strong and age old reason - th ey're guilty.

    They believe that God (the imaginary beast) is angry and someone is definitely to blame - of course it's not them - they're good because they've been following 'rules' - so then it must be someone else's fault.

    And, if the imaginary beast God is really, really angry at the whole world, it must be because of those evil people who distort everything - the others - that main group of people who are 'sinning'.

    It's the same reason that they think the sky is going to fall in.


  • bluesapphire
    It is obvious that the attacks on the Catholic Church and the work to harvest Catholics plays a role in this machine. I believe there is a powerful motive. I think the other thread comparing the memorial and the black mass is interesting for this reason as well.

    Robyn, if you're still around ....

    Are you talking about some kind of sinister conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church? Because if you are, then that's exactly what the Catholic Church believes. They believe that Satan has issued forth the Freemasons to infiltrate into the church to destroy it. That the freemasons who have reached the highest levels of the heierarchy commit heideous crimes so that the world can then point the finger at the Church. Also that the Freemasons have established religions/cults such as the Watchtower because Satan is always mimicking and poking fun at the Church i.e., the black mass/memorial, etc.

    Anyways, I don't believe in all that stuff anymore. But I thought you would find it interesting that what you are saying is actually what the Church has said.

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