Easter & Charlton Heston

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  • Dawn

    My husband loves the move The Ten Commandments so it's a type of Easter ritual to watch it after we come home from a good dinner & easter egg hunt with the in-laws. Of course, I never knew why they show it at Easter time - but hey - it's a good movie

    This year I finally figured it out (duh..). Passover=Easter. The Ten Commandments is about the Exodus from Egypt and the first Passover. Passover foreshadowed Jesus' sacrifice:

    Passover, lamb is sacrificed at twilight on Nissan 14 - Jesus died in late afternoon on Nissan 14

    Isrealites saved by the blood of a lamb - Christians saved by the blood of the lamb

    Well.......I may be slow but I am catching on. Isn't it funny how I never knew this stuff as a JW? You would think with all the studying we did we'd know more.......

  • undercover

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

  • ThiChi

    Wow, we also put on Ben-Hur (DVD), to top it off!

  • teenyuck

    I was watching this last night....he was a little stiff by today's acting standards.

    The guy who played Joshua was kinda hot though.....did you notice those muscles and tan? Yum!

  • blondie

    Joshua was played by John Derek (Bo Derek's husband)

  • teenyuck

    blondie....great catch...I recall this now.

    He was a very attractive young man. Not bad as an old guy either--

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    The freshly resurrected Moses and an un-named Bethelite discuss exactly WHO is in charge at Beth-Sarim:

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I think the Society modeled all their dramas after the Ten Commandments. Think about it, all dramas had the same stilted dialogue, over modulated booming voices (the fear inspiring day of Jehooooooooovah), and everyone in the Ten Commandments and every drama went to the William Shatner School for Over Acting.

    Why make one simple gesture when waving your arms frantically will do just as well?

  • DJ


    It took me a while to get that too. There is also a relationship with The Festival of Lights or Hanukah and Christmas. Go figure.....? I understand the Passover lamb was a foreshadowing of Jesus sacrifice. That's why we don't have to celebrate Passover like the Jews still do, because Jesus fulfilled it. I still get confused about why the Festival of LIGHTS connects with Christmas if Jesus wasn't really born then. I never did understand the whole rigamorole about how they figured He was born in October anyway. I knew a shepherdess ( a real one, who raised sheep) She told me that the sheep give birth to their lamb in December. Interesting huh?

  • zucker

    Wouldn't it be cool if they digitally remastered the ten comandments? I

    You know what they should redo the movie. Instead on Moses having a cane he could have a big rifle! Instead of Pharoah you could have Michael Morre. The Israelites could be all the NRA members, and the egyptians could be all the anti-gun liberals. That would be cool! The best part would be when Michael Morre gets it via the rea sea coming down on him and he won't sink to the bottom. He just keeps bobing to the top!

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