Ozzie's Weekend Poll #46

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  • LyinEyes

    Well Ditto on what Xena said,,,,,,,,,,,,,Me, Woman,,,,,,,NO PRIVILEDGE!!!! Not even one.

    And dear Brothers, I think I can speak for the all of us Sista's,,,,,,,,,,,,the following areNOT "priviledges" no matter how much they tried to convince us they were:

    #1- Kingdom hall clean up duty,,,,,,,, vaccumning, toilet bowl cleaning, polishing the almighty podium , etc , etc.

    #2- Waiting for "just 10 minutes" (RRRRRRIGGGGGGGGGHTTTT) while your husband has to deal with someone's problems for the 10th time,,,,,,,,and your wait, turns out to be an hour, not a priviledge.

    #3- Pioneering

    #4- Going out of town with hubby , an extra hour early , kids and all so he can give talks eleswhere( heck we didnt want to be at our own hall, why the hell did we want to go to a strange one)

    #5- Providing the Wine and making the bread for the memorial

    #6- Giving #3 and #4 talks, no way , was that a priviledge , but just another reason to have a complete nervous breakdown!! for me anyway.

    I could go on and on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but any other sister's can you think of one priviledge a sister could have had, but the left over crap work the brothers didnt want to do , or in all fairness didnt have time to do because there was always some elder who LOVED to have any reason to have a spur of the moment elders meeting???????????? ( I think he just wanted to get out of his house away from his bossy wife)

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    10. Glad I wasn't a sister and missing out on all of these glorious ways to serve my brothers

    cheeses - always a faithful slave.

  • Englishman

    Lyin' Eyes,

    It's 9.12 in the UK which means it's um, about 3.12 in the US.

    Are you a night owl?


  • Azalo

    at first I thought it was cool to hand out the mics but it got old fast and i absolutely hated when i was asked to pray for a meeting, i would always say the same dumb thing, i felt like Gaylord Focker.

  • LyinEyes

    Ah yes , Englishman you have found me out!! I am terrible about going to bed when I should,,,,,,, the house is quiet , the kids are asleep and I am surrounded by ,sssssshhhh quiet,, hehe. I have always hated to go to sleep , but when I do,,,,,,,I dont want to get up. Usally I am trying to go to sleep at this time,,,,,,but can't seem to leave the computer.

    Oh BTW,,,,,,,,,more thoughts on these priviledges,,,,,,,,,,,hehee I am on a mad roll now,,,,,,,,,it is not a freakin' "priviledge" to take enough food that will not spoil , for a family of five , in a giant ice cooler to the district conventions. I am so glad the GB , was good enough to tell us this was a priviledge, another way that Jehovah God made sure that we not only had spiritual food but also by bringing our own lunches, ( again for emphasis,,,,,,,, for a family of FIVE),,,,,,,,,would give us more time to associate with our brothers,,,,,,,,and what a priviledge that was.

    To tell the truth I got over the doing what I was told bullmess,,,,,,,, my kids were so little I had to tote the lunches, so we figured that was too much trouble. We either went to get a burger at the break , or went back to the room with our McDonalds and let the kids swim off some energy. WildTurkey the good elder , had to get back, but got to lag around the pool until I was 30 minutes late arriving for the afternoon session.

    OMG, I think I found out what we as sisters had the priviledge of , seriously,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it is that we DIDNT have ANY priviledges!!!!!!!!!hehehhe

  • obiwan

    Well I was a kid at the time so I say #12.

  • rocketman

    Actually, "Occupied". I had something to do. Otherwise, I was bored stiff at the meetings. Seriously, it was just something to do to get me through.

    Problem is, once you begin getting "privilages" it's hard not to feel privilaged.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Other: I always felt pressured. I was the account servant and later the literature servant, and also was an assistant BS conductor. When I was deleted as servant I felt relief for awhile, but few years went by and the Cong elders started in with suggestions to reach out again for duties in the Cong. To me, it was a feeling of pressure. I finally caved in and took over the sound and also was a Mic handler for awhile just before I decided to move South. The later made me feel burdened( I guess thats similar to being pressured, huh). I was tired of having to be committed to extra work on top of a full time job. The whole scene just wore me out!


  • Shakita

    Mrs. Shakita

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