How Many Refused To Meet With The Elders When Told They Wanted To Talk?

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  • ChrisVance

    I told my xwrife that I had fornicated so she'd be free to remarry. An elder called me and I told him there was no way I'd talk to elders. They sent me a certified letter, which had been forwarded from my old addres sent I had recently moved. I removed the forwarding sticker so they wouldn't know my new address and put the certified letter, unopened, in another envelop and sent it back.

    They then had the audacity to come to my place of work. I told them I didn't want to talk to them. One elder said, "This'll be quick. Based on the information we have we'll going to disfellowship you." I said it didn't make any difference to me. He said that I had seven days to appeal and they left. That was that.

    I wish I had told them to please wait and minute and gone to the manger and told him two JW's were harassing me. Didn't think of it til later.

  • gumby

    How many refused to meet with the elders when asked to?

    In the last Kingdom Service" it was reported there were 48,028 in the United States alone, who refused to meet with the elders. That was a 4% increase over the previous year!".


  • garybuss

    I invited the elders to visit with me on numerous occasions. They declined to meet with me.

    Years ago then I asked the elders questions they said "I'll do some research on that and get back to you.". Once I waited 8 years before I called them back to see how they were doing.

    Hahahaha they are gutless sphincters. The last one to call hung up on me.

    I'll meet with them any time. :-)

  • joannadandy

    I was always a good dub, or at least good enough to not get caught.

    Plus I was never baptized, so it was easy for me...

    The first time they came to talk to me, I had quit going to meetings. I told my parents I never intended upon going again, that was a fun conversation! I honestly thought that would be the end of my saga with the dubs...what could they do to me?

    Well about three weeks later, so I was lulled into a calm, my parents halted me on my way to class on day (when I was running late anyway) to tell me..."Dear, the elders want to come and talk to you. They'll be here tonight" I went BALLISTIC! I was ranting and screaming, "Fine I just won't come home!"

    But I did.

    It was a long tearful session. They asked if it was drugs or sexs...I assured them, I just didn't believe in the "truth" anymore, and it was not drugs or sex. Final ruling on their part, "You're depressed...maybe if you spent time in service with some older women in the congregation, you'd feel better"

    "Nope, I am actualy pretty comfortable with my decision thanks".

    That was two years ago...

    Then while my parents were out of town last month, out of the elder showed up at my doorstep to talk to me. He wanted to bring in an Apostate expert to have a word with me...

    I told him I would meet with him...then quickly posted the whole incident here, and several wise sages that comprise JWD all said "[email protected]&* 'em! You don't have to meet with them!"

    So I didn't...I just hid in my most people do when they see witnesses on their front steps.

    I think my new policy will be avoidance. Especially in my situation. I owe them nothing. I was never baptized, they really can't do anything to me except cause division between me and my family. And why put myself or my parents through that?

    Joanna of the eternally "home but hiding" class

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    When my time came, after being spied upon and reported to the elders for buying lottery tickets (I made no attempt to hide this apalling, disgusting, life threatening activity), I received a phone call from one of the elders one evening revealing my 'habit', and suggesting that the elders would like to meet with me - I said "Sure, how about tonight?". So we met, and they wanted to discuss my 'wrongdoing' as had been brought to their attention by several of the brothers (the elders refused to identify them, though it could have been anyone, for, as I said I made no attempt to disguise the fact that I was purchasing the occasional lottery ticket).

    The discussion didn't get too far, nor last too long, for I stated " I have no intention of stopping this harmless activity, and, you are not going to disfellowship me because of it - because, as of this moment I disassociate myself from the WT organistaion."

    They wanted to pray on my behalf, but I told them to save their breath and to pray for the ones still entrapped in the org.

    cheeses (of the have-no-mercy-and-tell-them-to-shove-it-class)

  • minimus

    JOANNA, if you were never baptized, there's no real reason they should want to talk to you. Besides, there's no such thing as an unbaptized apostate.

  • lulu

    We didn't refuse to meet with them really, we just sent them a letter (and posted on this site under'GB disassociates itself)

    We were DA'd!!!

  • Warrigal

    I've had a few calls from the elders during this 'round up the inactive ones' campaign. I've asked them repeatedly to phone before coming over but its fallen on deaf ears. Therefore I'm not going to answer the door when they come next you think they'll get the picture?

  • hoodwinked

    I was harassed day and night with never ending phone calls. I think they finally got the hint....or would I be giving them too much credit?

    What will it take for this elder to just leave me alone? I have been told he has done this to others who just "stopped" going to meetings. Incessant phone calls and sometimes visits at the weirdest and most unopportune times.

    They feign concern for you but they won't stop until you give them an answer, or start coming back to those indoctrination sessions meetings.

    Frig off!!


  • minimus

    I know of people that changed their phone number so that the elders couldn't contact them. After a while, with so many people out, the elders will leave everyone else alone since the only ones that will be left are the elders' families and the real old-timers.

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