Spring 2003

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  • basics-for-me

    Rayzorblade, your post was really nicely written, I could almost smell the fresh air wafting into your room.

    I love spring also. I get excited about silly stuff, like planting seeds and digging borders and taking cuttings and generally spending more time outside in the garden.


  • Robdar

    I love spring with its thunderstorms. The air always smells so sweet afterwards. The birds are chirping, the bunnies are hopping and the cats are caterwauling for love.

    My daffodils are gone but my tulips are blooming. So are the red bud trees and dogwood. My aspargus is getting so tall, it is almost time to eat it. I look out my back door and I see an ocean of purple from the wood violet ground cover. I will not cut my grass until they have all died away. This used to irritate my husband, but I no longer have to worry about that.

    The spring of 2003 is a time of rebirth for me. It feels good, positive and somehow correct to be going through my personal growth while Mother Nature goes through hers.



  • Shakita


    We also have had one of the worst winters here in New Jersey than I can ever remember. Makes spring seem even more wonderful!!!

    Can't wait to start planting flowers (have to wait until the last frost). This year I think I will be planning a small veggie garden, I use to have one for many years but since we moved years back I didn't put out the effort of clearing ground for it. Think I will this year though. Nothing like your own veggies!!!

    The downside is I have to start moving the lawn

    That's Mr. Shakita's job.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • liquidsky

    My favorite thing about spring... Flowers

  • oldcrowwoman

    Hi Ray with spring fever and all!!!

    Yeah I love spring. After being in the frozen trandra in Minnesota. Spring is a little fickle here. One day it can be 88 and 3 days later the temp drops down the 25. And snow. Now its in the 50"s with rain.

    But it don't stop me with the spring fever. Grass is starting grow and turn green. The trees are budding out.

    Ma and Pa duck stop in every spring the last couple of years. To feed on the bird seed that I have out for the critters in the neighborhood.. I always glad to see them. And the birds are mating.

    And me picking up supplies for 3x6 garden that outside of my apt. buliding. Love playing in the dirt!! So I have bad with the fever.


  • ignored_one

    Well I've decided to paint the bathroom. Something a bit brighter as it has no windows.

    Wish I had balcony or patio. Would be nice for sitting outside drinking a nice cool beer or twelve.

    Ignored One.

  • Maverick

    It is green here all the time, but in the early Spring it is only in the 70's and low 80's and the humidity is not too bad. I drive my Jag with the sunroof open and the CD player blastin'. The verdant groves are dotted with the cyanic Jacaranda blossoms and the pearl white Confederate Jasmine scent the walkways with their soft fragrance. The myriad fruit trees are blooming with mixed citrus tainted with a seasalt onshore breezes. The birds are nesting and the Manatee and Dolphin are hugging the coastal shoreline in search of food and warmth. And the Gardenia, Bougainvillea, and the Azealas compete in showing off the loudest bouquet! Maverick

  • anti-absolutist


    Thanks for the post. I've been in the process of going through a divorce, so the nasty winter we had was almost not noticed by me (too distracted with other stuff).

    I live in London, Ontario and am making sure, however, that I DO notice the wonderful spring we are having.

    Thanks for reminding me, Brad

  • Guest 77
  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Blondie, if your ever in Boston, visit the Boston Common. Every tree is tagged and identified. I noticed over 25 different types of elm trees.

    Guest 77

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