Created with a FreeWill........but........

by SillyPutty 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • rocketman

    Onacuse, your post was one of the most telling I've seen recently. That quote hits the nail on the head. They're afraid people may get educated and become difficult to lead. Talk about dumbing down, or in this case, keeping them dumb.

  • rocketman

    Mystery, all your points were good; number 9 catches my attention today because I was just thinking recently about how only "extreme" physical abuse becomes grounds for separation among jws, and it's not grounds for divorce.

  • anti-absolutist

    bikerchic (Katie) makes a very good point, and proves how the entire JW faith is based on hypocrisy!!

    They expect you to have an open enough mind to ACCEPT "the truth" and then IMMEDIATELY shut off your mind and NEVER listen to any other beliefs/thoughts/opinions EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

    It is truly shocking to me that it took me so long to realize that!!!!!


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