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  • be wise
    be wise

    Hi, be wise here going through a late WBTS phase.

    I've chosen for a long time to just ignore everything I was taught and turn my back on the whole JW thing for a long time now [this didn't help in the slightest].

    It's only since I got on the web and got past that 'initial' fear of questioning things that I've started to mend. I'm only just starting to look at what kind of society I've been indoctrinated by for most of my life and believe me it isn't good. I've just been on Randys website all night I haven't slept a wink but it was worth it. It was an emotional rollercoaster but one that I could truely emphasize with [you know the invisible contol, the guilt, fear, the feeling somethings not quite right] and for all you JW's I have no axe to grind, just visit Randy TV and you will see and hear for yourselves. So-called apostates are not trying to question your faith, a lot of individuals who visit this site have a firm belief in God and the Bible. [still with me ...good] I can say one thing, everyone here is happier now they have left and can reason for themselves and understand the individual problems of others and live purposeful lives, we're all living proof of that. When you hear and see evidence of the WBTS from a neutral ground it hits you like a ton of bricks. Anyway, that's all I'm gonna babble on about the rest is up to you. LIVE IN FEAR OR FREE YOUR MIND.

  • DJ

    Hi bewise...I thought that I would post the link to click on. www.freeminds.org

  • be wise
    be wise

    Hi DJ, how do you get them links up by the way.

  • Eyebrow2


    Hmmmm..got a nice ring to it....I may just make that a bumper sticker

  • DJ

    be wise,

    There's no trick, really....just typed it in. When you're done typing, hit the space bar and it will light up. Oh and make sure you have a space in front of it too. www.freeminds.org see?

  • be wise
  • gold_morning

    Be Wise,

    I remember those feelings you felt last night a few years ago when I decided to get the whole mess right. I was on a roller coaster ride too. I can associate. It was a difficult journey.... yet exciting too.

    Don't stop there. Read the bible like you never have before. You will see things so differently. I was amazed at how different the things were I was reading in the bible from what I had been raised to believe.

    Read the book of John just like you would read a good book. Get to know the main character. If you read it and hear JW voices in your head..... go back and read the chapter again. It got to be a learned skill to read it open and fresh.

    If you have any questions....PLEASE feel free to e-mail [email protected]

    Once you are hooked on discovering the real truth, it becomes addicting.

    agape love, gold_morning

  • peacefulpete

    If your freedom results from recognition that the JWs are not where it's at, then is it at the Pentecostals? the Methodists? the Buddhists? Rather than spend a lifetime chasing after an elusive "truth" is it not wise to question how "truth" is arrived at? Analyse how you determine truth. Some study on improving critical thinking skills will save a person from a lifetime of futility and superstition. Go to any online book seller and search "critical thinking skills" and discover a new world of self awareness and freedom.

  • searchfothetruth

    Be Wise,

    Your path to this forum was nearly exactly the same as mine. I doubted the bible first and it took me a while to pluck up the courage to put in Jehovah's Witnesses into my search engine. I too got to Randy's site, in fact it was the first one and it literally blew me away. I couldn't believe it! Its all there.

    I had read the Guardian article on the UN involvement and had decided that it was just a smear campaign until I saw the evidence for myself.

    Welcome to the board and I hope you meet some good friends here as I have. Not everyone will agree with you, but thats why we left the org, to get other viewpoints and not be dogmatic in my reasoning.



  • Nitefire

    The TRUTH and nothing but the truth!

    No organisation has the truth, they all have screwed up some where and will still in the end. Read the bible; God is going to judge all, if your in the WS/ Pentecostals? the Methodists? the Buddhists? who cares you are not going to be judged on their grounds/ but god will take in to consideration who they have and who they misled and put it back on to them.

    The last time I checked, you dont go to the WS meeting for the organisation you go for accurate knowledge and in doings so you come to realise that the society is buggered, but you go anyway cause it fills your need for spritually and the company ha/ha of like ones.



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