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  • Soledad
  • Swan

    This is so sad, it makes me cry. I am so glad nobody was killed and that there weren't more people than 13 injured.

    The trouble is that many will blame them for not having Jehovah's spirit and that He allowed this to happen as a test, when it is clearly just a tragic accident. So sad.


  • Eyebrow2

    there are probably some out there that is going to hate me for this...but there comes a time in a person's life when their driver's license should be taken away.

  • DJ

    That's awful. That must be the 'convention' that my mom and siblings went to today. We live in PA, but if 2700 people attended, it must be where they went on a Saturday. It's 2:00 am now, so I cannot call my mom to check on her. Isn't the old Stanley theatre the place where the jw's uncovered a chandeleir worth millions? I feel sorry for the elderly driver, a hip fracture at his age is not good.

  • Tammie
    People were flying everywhere. It was like watching a movie

    I don't want to sound like a bad person, but when I read that part I about cracked up laughing.

  • DJ


    There were little children involved and an elderly woman. My family was there today. I fail to see the humor.

  • Prisca

    Eyebrow2, I was thinking the same thing, considering the age of the driver.

    I hate it when little kids are involved in things like this. Very tragic.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    Certainly a tragic accident and I extend my sympathy to those injured and affected otherwise by it.

    eyebrow2 raises a most valid. Whilst older years do not condemn everyone to becoming the proverbial 'doddering old fool' it definitely brings with limitations to a persons ability to perform some functions and respond to varying situations.

    I do not know how far apart lampposts are spaced in New York, but the report states that the driver "accelerated out of control", "striking three lampposts", "surged through the crowd", "crossed several lanes of traffic", and then "struck a tree". It is a wonder that more people were not injured.

    Not aware of the exact circumstances or the drivers health (either physically or mentally) I cannot help but wonder why the driver did not respond in a different manner when he first reversed into a parked car - let alone his lack of positive response to the chain of events that ensued.

    On a lighter note - maybe he too was looking for an honorable mention at

    cheeses (an advocate of the-responsible-driving-class.

  • searchfothetruth

    certainly tragic, but lucky no-one was killed.

    I think the main problem here is that some drivers who are old shouldn't really be on the road. I think they should be tested again at certain ages to test reflexes and eye sight etc.

  • RunningMan

    OK, I demand to know where the parking attendants were when this was happening. Normally, at assemblies, you can't turn a corner without knocking a few of them down.

    I think we should petition the Society to increase the number of parking attendants.

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