Is everyone bitter against JW's?

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  • Jayson


    If you are against the Jehovah Witnesses, or the Watchtower does that mean that you must be bitter? If you think that maybe just maybe what they[wt] say is wrong and/or what they do, some of it is wrong; does that mean you must be bitter? If you take an objective look at all the facts about this group and come to a conclusion based on the information that you have taken from all sides, how is that being bitter?

    If you want to know why someone is against something but you only take your information from the other side stating that opposition is borne out of hate and loss of what one had, how is that being fair? If someone only took information from those who oppose something the same thing goes.

    When I first started dating my wife as soon as I told my family, friends and coworkers that she was a Jehovah Witness they bombarded me with emotional facts about how wicked they are. They told me begged me to end the relationship before it was to late and I got sucked in. I just could not understand all the panic. Did they think I was an idiot incapable of making my own choices? It ended a lot of friendships, some of them since gradeschool. Later just before we married the elders demaned a meeting with my wife. She refused; Disfellowshippent followed. I still did not understand the impact of what that act would mean. Not one person in her family attended our wedding; Never has any real love been shared with her family. Right after our first child was born suddenly they came into our life again. For some reason my mother in law asked me if I have read anything about JW's. I said not really which up till then was true. My wife did not talk about it and most of my cult study was on other Organizations. The JW's were just not that important to me. She made me promise that I would not read any material about them because it is all lies. And the internet is full of people who hate the JW's. She asked me if I would look at things from their point of view to be fair. Which I agreed but only in writing. No meetings and no "studies." They did not like it but agreed. There were more mulit-hour debates about religion and the world than I can count in those years with her. And as I watched them I saw how hateful and controlling they were to each other. Mostly how afraid they always were. It was strange. As the two years ended so did our realtionship. I really think my In Laws are very cruel people. And so are the JW's. I saw it, read it, and lived it. Not just to me, not just to my wife. I watched them do it to each other. They say it is all because that is how they see the word of God. However, I see it as a cycle of violence. Both mental and physical violence. Cycles always continue until broken or someone dies. I was shocked at how much information is available about this group. It is not all bitterness and lies, it is reality, it is history, it is the facts. I hope you keep looking at all the facts and listening to all the people. Read read read and don't be afraid. Many people say I am bitter, hateful, and an ass about this. Maybe that is true and if you think so then dismiss what I say. But I really do care about you and the other people here. I care about your husband. I have watched so many people be hurt and continue to live in fear. That does not mean that there is no love or goodness or fun as a JW; But your life is yours and not someone elses to control. If you like being a Witness fine be one and I hope you are happy. But don't think that just because people leave or oppose them they do it out of bitterness or a sense of revenge. That is shallow. Maybe those who are opposed are right to do so.

  • davidsf
  • davidsf

    I'm not bitter at all. In fact I'm very thankful that I was a witness during my teens. My family was dysfunctional (father non-believer, mother JW) and the congregation was the familiy I never had. They showed interest in me and loved me. The witnesses provided a community and structure I needed at the time. If it weren't for being a witness I would probably be a homeless drug addict now. I do think being a witness can be good for some people at certain times of life in certain situations.

  • free will
    free will

    i, too, wanted to prove it right. so, i was shocked and dismayed at what i found. now, i'm glad to know the "truth" and take it from there.

  • bebu
    i, too, wanted to prove it right.

    Isn't this what the Bible commands us to do? Test (prove) all things, to see if they are right?

    And if they fail the test, isn't it Biblical to put it away?

    I wholeheartedly support any JW who feels confident in their being in the truth to do what the Bible commands, and test all things.

    If a cat can walk across a bridge, this doesn't prove the bridge is sturdy. If a semi truck can cross a bridge, then you can feel more confident in the bridge's strength.


  • be wise
    be wise

    'I would probably be a homeless drug addict now.'

    Only JW's think in such a manner. Get a grip or maybe you have a story behind that statement.

  • Prisca

    I was brought up as a JW and left when I was 30. I left because my study of the Bible and examining the WTS helped me realise that the JWs didn't have "the Truth". In fact, no one does, and no one can demand that you serve God their way, or you will die. Which is basically what the JWs teach, isn't it?

    I'm not bitter at the Organisation. Sure, I missed out on opportunities such as further education, having more and better social contacts etc, but not everything in my life as a JW was bad. I didn't get into drugs or become an unwed mother. I had a religious belief that helped me stay sane when my mother died when I was 11.

    Rather than seeing myself as bitter, and bashing the JWs, I have seen the time since I left as an opportunity to learn about myself, other people and the world in general. It's not easy adapting to non-JW life, but it's something that I have gained from.

  • mattnoel

    I am not bitter but if I think about what they have done to me then I get severely P*ssed off which would lead me to being bitter. I just try not to think about it too much.

  • CyrusThePersian


    I wasn't bitter when I left. It's just that when I researched things that didn't jive with JW teaching and tried to talk about it, instead of lively discussion I got, "You should wait on Jehovah!" or "I just can't believe you would doubt the Watchtower" I finally came to the conclusion that people who THINK have no place in the organization. It wasn't until after I left that I learned all the pain and suffering that the WT has caused. If I had known then what I know now, I may have been bitter. Instead I'm just sad for all those that are hurting.


  • mouthy

    No I am not bitter. I love them too much- When they kicked me out cos I dont believe Jesus came in 1914-I just believed Jehovah had kicked me off the Ark...I wasnt good enough .But since I have found out the real truth -(that they are not the truth) & I dont have to listen to men!!!! I couldnt have a bitter bone in my body!!!It is so refreshing to know I am not expected(by God) to work!!!! But I want to follow the Teachings of THE WAY TRUTH LIFE!!!! cos all that is >>>>>Love one another!!! I find on here most do..& although we dont all believe the same- we truly do care for each other -me thinks that is the glue that holds us together LOVE!!!!!!That is something if your husband was truly honest with himself he would have to say-JW do not have an UNconditional love-----

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