More conditional, emotional as usual for the Duds

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  • Maverick

    My daughter is graduating from high school next month. She has lived with me all her life. Her mother, a good and faithful Dud, ran off with a 'worldly' co-worker five years ago. He went to jail not long after she abandoned us and she went back to the J-duds. Now, I am the biggest apostate in the county. My daughter was told that if I go to her high school graduation, the same school I went to 30 years ago, her mother won't go! I set no such conditions on my daughter. I'll sit in the back if that is what it will take. My little girl hates the Duds because of this unchristian crap. Her mother lays all these conditions on her even being around her. I set no limits on visits or ever asked for child support, and I cashed out my retirement to keep the peace. What loving parent wants their child to not have a good relationship with the other parent. I want my daughter to know and interact with her mother. I think it is SICK to blackmail a child with regard to that childs other parent. These people are the most unloving and Godless bunch of hypocrites on the face of the planet! Thank you for letting me air this, I am pissed! I think I'll go send out some more NGO letters! Maverick

  • JamesThomas

    Yes.... you are being too kind. intellegent as Milk-Duds, but not nearly as sweet. JamesT

  • Farkel

    : intellegent as Milk-Duds, but not nearly as sweet. Nope. Milk-Duds are smarter: they haven't constantly and wrongly predicted the end of the world over the last 125 years. Milk-Duds don't shun. Milk-Duds don't shelter and protect child-rapists over insane interpretation of a 2,000 year old collection of nonsense. All Milk-Duds are equal, and NO Milk-Dud has ever wrecked the family of a fellow Milk-Dud because a fellow Milk-Dud disagreed with The Governing Milk-Duds. Not a single Milk-Dud has ever died because he was extorted into believing he would face eternal damnation for receiving a chocolate transfusion by the Governing Milk-Duds. Milk-Duds don't turn in other Milk-Duds for disagreeing with the Governing Milk-Duds. Milk-Duds don't gossip and don't slander each other. Milk-Duds are equal. There are no "anointed" Milk-Duds. Nor are there any "Glorious Ones(tm)" among the myriad of Milk-Duds. All Milk-Duds are equal, no matter where they are produced or sold. Milk-Duds don't have to sell magazines and books, nor do they have to report anything to anyone. There is no "Circuit Milk-Dud" to make the life of Milk-Duds miserable. Milk-Duds don't have to suck-up to please anyone. They please people by being just what they are: Milk-Duds. I suspect the leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses (if they weren't such assholes) could learn a lot from Milk-Duds. Farkel

  • StinkyPantz


    That's terrible!! What does your daughter say about all of this?

  • azaria

    Hi Maverick,

    Sorry to hear about your situation. I firmly believe that whatever one feels about ones spouse (unless there was physical or sexual abuse) should be kept to oneself. Children need to have a relationship with both parents. My mother made the terrible mistake as I was growing up of telling me that my father was a "bastard", not thinking that she was part of the problem. I left my husband because we were having problems, but I will never badmouth him to my children. It is their dad; part of who they are is from him. To me, to criticize him, I would be criticizing them. Hope your wife will someday see that. In the end she may destroy her relationship with her daughter. I really began to resent my mother for badmouthing my dad. (even though he deserved it; he was very arrogant and aloof) By the way I'm having Easter Dinner tomorrow. I invited my son and my middle brother and his son. I found out today that my husband will be alone tomorrow, so I invited him and he accepted. (I felt it was wrong that he be alone- he had planned to go see his parents 5 hours away but decided against it) My kids will enjoy that. So I hope that you all have a ----


  • free will
    free will

    i'm sorry to hear about this maverick. you should be pissed. i think your daughter should be pissed too. hope it all works out.

  • avengers

    Happy egg-hunting.



  • dedalus

    LOL @ Farkel!


    Sorry about the mess with everything. Hang in there buddy.


  • mattnoel

    They make you sick dont they !!!

    You go and sit where you want, its your daughter and your not the one trying to make things awkward for her !

  • berylblue


    If your ex does not want to go merely because you are there, that's on her. Support your daughter; she will be grateful.

    And good luck!


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